Sony introduces fresh PS Plus Essential games - Mafia II: Definitive Edition, Aliens: Fireteam Elite, and Dragon Ball: The Breakers downloadable now across UK, Europe and later in USA.

Three New Games of PS Plus Essential Now Available

For videogame enthusiasts, Sony has a pleasant surprise in store. Three new PlayStation Plus Essential games have just made their way into the platform's base tier. This special treat by Sony's subscription service is now available for download in the UK and Europe, with the USA set to follow suit later in the day. The newly added games in the roster include Mafia II: Definitive Edition (PS4), Aliens: Fireteam Elite (PS5, PS4), and Dragon Ball: The Breakers (PS4).

As part of the subscription service, PS Plus Essential members have until the dawn of Tuesday, 5th December 2023 to claim these games. Once redeemed, they will continue to remain playable as long as the membership remains active. This is true for all PS5 and PS4 titles offered in the subscription.

As the news of this fresh lineup started to roll, user reactions were mixed. Over the weekend, a poll conducted among Push Square users related to the new selection presented a rather lukewarm response. Roughly half of the respondents felt that this month's selection was sub-par. Meanwhile, only 10 per cent expressed satisfaction with the current offering.

The PS Plus Essential's monthly selection has most definitely seen better days, that much is clear. In terms of the individual titles, while Mafia II is known to be a splendid game, its PS4 Definitive Edition got released in an underwhelming state. On the other hand, Dragon Ball: The Breakers was met with disdain and didn't manage to impress its fans. Aliens: Fireteam Elite, though considered decent, wasn't enough to meet the high expectations set by PS Plus Essential subscribers.

The real question in the minds of gaming enthusiasts remains: can Sony nail the perfect balance between quality and variety in its choices for PS Plus Essential? The proof lies in the experience of the players. Only time will tell what the future holds for this gaming platform and its meticulous gaming selections.

One thing’s for certain – Sony's PS Plus Essential continues to bring interactive entertainment into the homes of many, with careful curation of popular and engaging titles. Whether or not the players find this month's selection satisfactory, Sony's endeavor to provide uninterrupted gaming experiences continues unabated. Undoubtedly, Sony's persistent efforts to improve the gaming landscape shows its unwavering dedication to its vast pool of players across the globe.

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