The 2019 action RPG The Outer Worlds, developed by Obsidian, has recently surpassed five million sales globally across all platforms, confirmed by publisher Private Division.

Obsidian's The Outer Worlds Sells Over Five Million

Obsidian Entertainment, a virtuoso video game developer, is indisputably rejoicing after its mega-hit, The Outer Worlds, sold over five million copies worldwide. The 2019 sci-fi action Role Playing Game (RPG), under the Xbox brand and published by Private Division, heralds an exceptional benchmark in terms of sales productivity. As per Private Division, the game tireless creators celebrated the achievement, which meticulously took four years of unrivaled commitment and passion to bring to life.

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, didn't miss the opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the astronomical accomplishment by the teams at Obsidian and Private Division. He congratulated both parties for their exceptional partnership and remarkable outcome, although he didn't specifically detail the mode of calculation for the total sales. However, it's safe to deduce that this includes sales across all gaming platforms and regions.

The jubilant news came right when The Outer Worlds prepares to take a grand step into the future, through its groundbreaking re-release for Xbox Series X|S. This new version promises a more enriched gaming experience with visually enhanced graphics, performance tweaks, and an elevated level cap. Moreover, it is going to feature all the game's immersive DLCs (downloadable content) to take the gaming experience a notch higher.

Meanwhile, gamers are eagerly anticipating Obsidian's innovative project, The Outer Worlds 2. Despite the video game developer's rather silence on this sequel, the excitement and curiosity in the air are palpable.

If we trace back the success journey of The Outer Worlds, a prominent patch that significantly contributed to its success was the Spacer's Choice Edition. The updates introduced in this patch brought significant graphical and performance improvements to the game, thereby enhancing the player's overall experience, which subsequently contributed to the game's soaring sales.

The Outer Worlds has indeed, mesmerized a massive gamer population worldwide with its captivating sci-fi world, intricate gameplay dynamics, and enigmatic narrative. This explains why millions of players globally have contributed to its extraordinary sales achievement. The game's exceptional accomplishment underscores Obsidian Entertainment's creative prowess and capability to deliver engaging and entertaining games, making it an indispensable force in the global video game industry.

Furthermore, while celebrating The Outer World's impressive five million sales milestone, Obsidian's future seems brighter than ever. Coupled with the anticipated release of The Outer Worlds 2, the momentum set by this milestone could very well steer Obsidian to achieve new heights in the gaming world. Indeed, this is exhilarating news for lovers of video games worldwide.

So, whether you are an ardent lover of action RPGs, or someone who appreciates quality video games, The Outer Worlds offers a unique gaming experience that has enamored its players, culminating in this massive sales landmark. Will this momentum continue? Only time will tell. For now, Obsidian and countless fans worldwide continue to enjoy the well-deserved success of The Outer Worlds.

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