Popular free-to-play shooter game, The Finals, is reportedly under threat due to a sharp increase in cheaters, raising calls for developer, Embark Studios, to promptly address the issue.

Cheating Riddles New Game, The Finals, Threatening its Momentum

The Finals, a new free-to-play shooter game, has quickly risen to popularity but is currently battling an infestation of cheaters, overshadowing its rise to stardom. The game, where players compete as contestants of a brutal virtual game show, is as much about spectacle and fame as it is about survival. The ongoing open beta has drawn significant interest, reaching the fifth spot on Steam's most-played chart and boasting 267,874 concurrent players during peak hours on Valve's platform. However, its success is at risk due to the alarming number of players who evidently refuse to abide by fair play rules.

The Anti-Cheat Police Department, a community dedicated to detecting cheats and disrupting cheating vendors, posted on Twitter, insinuating that the game had been earmarked by large-scale Pay-to-Cheat (P2C) vendors. The tweet expressed concern that it would not be long before the game was overrun with cheaters and posed the query whether the game's developers, Embark Studios, had incorporated anti-cheat measures during the development process. The concern is that without such measures the game is at risk of becoming another title tarnished by cheating.

The topic of cheating has been a point of immense frustration for players, dominating conversations on The Finals subreddit. One player voiced that after enjoying the beta initially, the high volume of overt cheaters had become a major deterrent, causing concern for the game's longevity if the developers don't take appropriate action.

Additionally, other players alleged that most cheats traced back to Chinese profiles, leading to prevalent calls for regional restrictions to be implemented as a possible solution. One user spoke of the frustration to the point of quitting, after persistently encountering cheaters, and emphasized the necessity of region locking for players.

In separate posts, players have described matches as 'unplayable' and the situation 'annoying', with calls for prompt actions against cheaters, to prevent The Finals from suffering a similar fate as PUBG, another game that experienced problems with cheats.

The Finals' beta will continue up to November 5, on PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC, and is expected to launch by the close of the year, although no specific release date has been announced yet. Undoubtedly, the hope lies in the game's developers taking this feedback seriously and incorporating robust anti-cheat measures to preserve the game's popularity and potential success.

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