The initially anticipated PS5 MMO, The Day Before, by developer Fntastic, experiences indefinite delay. This raises questions about its potential releases across various platforms.

The Day Before's Release Delayed Indefinitely for PS5

The Day Before, an MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) about survival in a zombie-infested post-apocalyptic world, has been delayed indefinitely on the PlayStation 5 console. When first announced, this game attracted considerable attention. Given its similarity with games like The Last of Us and The Division, it was eagerly awaited by the gaming community and had a solid wave of anticipation behind it.

Unfortunately, this thrill was short-lived when the game's development faced a series of setbacks. Firstly, the gameplay displayed came across as somewhat monotonous, differing from the exciting scenes that were hoped for based on the initial chatter. Not long after this downbeat reveal, it became known that the game's development company, Fntastic, had failed to secure a trademark for the game's title. This led to unavoidable delays and a surge of accusations suggesting the game might not even be a tangible development project.

The roller coaster journey of The Day Before was brought to a halt when a new trailer was released, showcasing improved visuals, gameplay and providing a glimpse of what the game might be when it eventually gets released. Along with the trailer, Fntastic announced upsetting news for gaming enthusiasts hoping for a prompt launch. The game's release has been shifted from the full 1.0 version release on December 7th to the Early Access on PC. This unexpected change in strategy means that the release on PS5 is postponed until the end of the Early Access period.

The speak around the gaming industry is that this Early Access period is expected to last for six to eight months. However, this timeline can change depending on a series of factors. Fntastic's official announcement on this matter was quickly shared on The Day Before's official Twitter account, garnering mixed reviews from followers and future potential players.

This video offers a closer look at the game's current state and potential improvements:

Despite this significantly unexpected news, reactions from fans range from supportive to skeptical. While some remain hopeful that The Day Before will be a success once it meets its launch, others question the impacts of this indefinite delay on the game's overall development and appeal.

Only time will reveal what the future holds for The Day Before and whether it will successfully navigate its way out of the murky waters it currently finds itself in. One thing is certain - avid gamers and the PS5 community will be eagerly awaiting the day they can get their hands on this promising survival game.

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