Discover the dark secrets of Malibu's techno-death cult in the artfully undead, surreal horror dreamscape of Dead Island 2's Haus expansion.

Dead Island 2 Raises Dead with 'Haus' Expansion

Good folks of the gaming realm, put down your controllers, give your twitching thumbs a brief respite, and tune in for some eerie news from the world of zombie RPGs. Our beloved brain-basher, Dead Island 2, just got a new lease of undeath - and it's packing more goosebumps than a night in a haunted house.

As announced recently, the dread-inspiring expansion, aptly named 'Haus', will be shambling onto PS5 and PS4 on the 2nd of November. Our trusty source Gematsu has treated us to a sneak peek of the gameplay, which looks, well, just about as crypt-infested and uncanny as you'd expect from a group that calls itself a techno-death cult.

Let's dive into the pitch-black pool of details that the publisher Deep Silver has gifted us. Are you prepared to lose yourself in a "surreal, psycho-horror dreamscape"? Yes? Excellent, because that's exactly what you'll be doing as you investigate this mysterious Malibu cult. But, hey, don't be too quick to judge. Who doesn't enjoy a secret billionaire's party, even if it does involve a techno-death cult fighting for survival amidst the Zompocalypse?

This belly-crawling, bone-tingling tale of terror isn't a one-off, gothic chiller, either. Haus is the first of two planned story expansions for the title. So, mark your calendars (in invisible ink, of course). The second, SOLA Festival, is due to drop out of the shadows in the second quarter of 2024. Now, for those aficionados with the handy Dead Island 2's expansion pass, access to both is as easy as blasting a shambling corpse with a shotgun (we hope). And for those without, it'll cost you a handful of gold coins, or more precisely, £24.99 / $29.99.

Curious to what kind of grave situations Haus has in store? Just glaze your orbs on the gameplay snippet above. You could be chewing on another serving of Dead Island 2 faster than you can say "Pass the brain buffet, please!"

Would you dare to enter the Haus? Or are you content with the regular undead diet that Dead Island 2 is already serving up? Whatever your stance may be, we want to hear it, so hit us up in the comments section below. And remember not to assume that the eerie murmurs are just your imagination. In the world of Dead Island 2, the creepy-crawly monsters could just as easily be coming from your console.

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