Hyrule resident unleashes self-made Guardian terror in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, providing fans with both terror and entertainment all in one.

Zelda Fan DIYs Unsettling Guardian In Hyrule

The meadows of Hyrule in 'The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom' breathe a sigh of relief when the game concluded without the tyrannical Guardians of the 'Breath Of The Wild'. However, one player missed these deadly machines and decided Hyrule needs a shot of terror, so they got busy constructing their own Guardian. Consider Hyrule's tranquility officially disrupted!

The game's antagonist, user ExulantBen, who we suspect is slightly part-engineer, part-mad scientist, disclosed on the Hyrule Engineering subreddit that this Frankenstein-ian creation took him a whole sleepless ten days. The homemade Guardian lacks the metal coils, the triangle shape, even the menacing red eyes of its predecessor from 'Breath Of The Wild'. Which is a complete bummer because who doesn't love a good nightmare?

However, it does retain the deadly laser weapons and an unmistakable objective: Harass every living creature in Hyrule. So, it's personality and job description - pure, down-to-the-core Guardian. Design-wise, it's more of a cute-bot with pretend legs that resemble wheels. As ExulantBen describes it, "It's got a beam/cannon which acts like the red point laser thingie."

And boy, can this DIY Guardian sprint! Thanks to the strategic positioning of its wheels, our reimagined Guardian tackles challenging terrains at high speeds like a pro. It's also worth mentioning it has plenty of interior space with multiple uses, ranging from Korok torture to a chill zone, depending on how you feel.

Other players were quick to note the distinct resemblance it bears to various game characters. Halo's sliding alien tanks, wraiths, were among the first to be mentioned. Also, fans identified semblances to Tachikoma from Ghost In The Shell and the Shagohad from Metal Gear Solid 3.

Ever since the launch of 'Tears Of The Kingdom', the citizens of Hyrule haven’t known a moment of peace, in the best possible way. Adventurous players have catapulted Link to previously unimagined distances. Some mastered the art of chucking Gleeoks into gigantic chasms. And let's not forget the player who flew a Bubbulgrof around the world purely for the joy of it. It's safe to say, Hyrule is a whole lot crazier and fun with these imaginative stunts!

So, dear readers, have you played and enjoyed 'Tears Of The Kingdom' yet? If so, how would you rank it among the array of Zelda games? How about you invent your own Hyrule adventures next?

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