Nintendo hosts special mobile game event to celebrate launch of Super Mario Bros. Wonder for Switch, offering free daily access to paid stages.

Super Mario Run Event Offers Free Stage Unlocks Daily

As part of the festive spirit for the launch of Super Mario Bros. Wonder on the Switch, Nintendo has unveiled a special event within their mobile game, Super Mario Run. This exciting celebration allows all game players, even those who haven’t purchased the game yet, to experience a paid stage of the game for free each day. This gifted stage will be a different one every day, making it a treat for fans and novices alike. This timely event starts from now and extends through to the end of November.

Nintendo's motive is to provide a unique chance for players to explore paid stages that they might not have tried out before. This interactive event is Nintendo's way of encouraging users to immerse themselves in the Super Mario world, even if they don't own the game. However, to experience this exclusive event, game enthusiasts need to maintain an updated version of Super Mario Run on their devices.

Moreover, if players are curious and inclined towards dabbling in all the levels of the game, they can proceed to buy the full version. An added bonus for linked Nintendo Account holders is the chance to enjoy two paid stages for free every day. All these efforts are strategies to promote interaction and interest, inviting fans and interested gamers to take part in the Super Mario realm.

For those unfamiliar with Super Mario Run, it is a novel Mario game that can be interactively played with one hand. The game plays almost automatically with Mario constantly running forward, so the users only need to tap the screen to make jumps and spins or to gather coins. As a player progresses later in the game, they can also unlock Mario’s in-game friends and use their unique abilities for an extended play style.

Nonetheless, do not miss the opportunity to check out the latest release, Super Mario Bros. Wonder, available on the Switch. This special event of offering a free stage every day also synchronizes with the recent Super Mario Bros. movie. This gesture by Nintendo is a great way for fans and interested gamers to spread their horizons and try out new stages in the Super Mario Run game.

Whether you're a new player trying out Super Mario Run for the first time on mobile or a seasoned fan busy exploring the new wonders the Mario world brings to the Switch, there's an opportunity to check out something new daily. It's a commendable initiative by Nintendo to engage its community further while celebrating the launch of its new product. While enjoyment is subjective, Nintendo's gesture of providing free access to paid stages daily is bound to instill a sense of elation among the game's avid fans and curious newcomers.

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