Nintendo New York is offering a special framed art print of Super Mario Bros. Wonder to its guests in their midnight launch celebration, alongside the launch of the game itself.

Nintendo NY's Midnight Launch to Offer Super Mario Bros. Art Prints

One of the highlights for any gaming enthusiasts is attending a midnight launch, the electrifying occasion when a highly anticipated new release is finally available for purchase. This time, Nintendo New York steps up the excitement of midnight launches and brings it to the next level. For those who are planning to attend the midnight launch celebration for Super Mario Bros. Wonder, there is more to look forward to than just getting the game.

Nintendo New York's store will be offering an exclusive and limited framed art print of the game. This special item, limited to one per attendee, can be the perfect piece to add to your gaming memorabilia that you can proudly display. It's worth noting that these framed art prints will only be available as long as stocks last. But the surprises do not stop there. The store offered a hint that there would be additional "surprise giveaways" throughout the event.

The majority of gamers are familiar with Super Mario, whether they've spent their childhood playing the games or have just recently discovered the franchise's charm. The upcoming Super Mario Bros. Wonder has already received fantastic reviews, even being hailed as one of the best 2D Mario games in the long-loaded series.

Now imagine being one of the first people to purchase this game, and moreover, being presented with an exclusive art print that you can hang on your wall. The art print, paired with other surprise giveaways that Nintendo NY has yet to reveal, just makes the midnight launch all the more tantalizing. But if you are unable to attend, you need not worry. There are still ways for you to get your hands on the game.

The event, which is due to start at midnight on October 20, has drawn lots of attention, especially from hardcore fans. This, coupled with the limit of one art print per person, leads to the assumption that the framed art prints might run out quickly considering the expected turnout.

So, if you're eager to get one for yourself, it might be a good idea to arrive early. And for those who can't attend the midnight launch, Nintendo has prepared a pre-order guide to facilitate your purchase, ensuring that everyone gets a fair chance at owning a piece of the Mario legacy.

The announcement of the framed art prints and surprise giveaways has added an extra dimension of appeal to the event. Attendees don't just walk away with a great game but have a chance to receive something tangible that commemorates this monumental launch.

To sum it up, Nintendo NY's midnight launch promises to live up to expectations. With an incredible game, bonus framed art prints, and surprise giveaways, the celebrations are shaping up to be quite the spectacle. Whether a Mario veteran or a newbie, one thing is for sure, you wouldn't want to miss out on these amazing treats.

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