Super Mario Bros. Wonder officially becomes the fastest-selling Mario game ever in Europe, surpassing previous titans such as Super Mario Odyssey and New Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Breaks Sales Records in Europe

Nintendo fans have spoken, turning Super Mario Bros. Wonder into the fastest-selling Mario game ever in Europe. This achievement was realized within just three days of the game's release.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder was launched on October 20th, 2023, and it's impressive sales figures have propelled it above all other Mario games, even the highly popular Super Mario Odyssey and New Super Mario Bros. As of yet, it isn't known how the game is faring in other territories and whether it will surpass the overall sales figures of its siblings. However, its initial success gives a promising start.

Nintendo expressed appreciation towards everyone who contributed to the game's exceptional debut. The game has been highly acclaimed, receiving widespread positive responses from critiques.

In one such review, Super Mario Bros. Wonder was hailed as the best 2D Mario game since the Super NES era, meriting a score of 9/10. The game also achieved third place as the biggest Mario launch in the history of boxed chart games, narrowly beaten by Super Mario Odyssey and Super Mario 3D World.

Users, critics, and gaming veterans have all been sharing their views about this milestone, reflecting on what makes Super Mario Bros. Wonder so extraordinary. The game brings an invigorating mix of surprises, badges, difficulty, and new characters that keep players hooked. There's also a comprehensive walkthrough, a guide on all collectibles, best badges, and secret locations to assist players on their gaming journey with Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

Gamers' reactions post-launch have been largely positive, praising the brilliance of the game. Even though some players felt that the early levels were designed for a younger audience and lacked the excitement, the later levels were deemed enjoyable. The only significant criticism lodged was towards the appearance of the 'Elephant Mario' power-up. Overall, the game has been a hit, warranting an approximate score of 7 to 8 out of 10 from fans.

However, no specific details were provided about whether the game matched the sales numbers of other Nintendo powerhouses like Zelda Pokemon in its first three days. As we await this information, it is undeniable that Super Mario Bros. Wonder's explosive debut marks a pivotal moment in the Super Mario Bros. series' history.

Nintendo Life’s resident horror enthusiast and reviewer, Ollie Reynolds, commended the game, and fans have joined in celebrating the success of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, recognizing it as a beacon of Nintendo's inventive and captivating gaming vision. The game stands as a testament to the immense popularity and relevance of the Super Mario Bros series, demonstrating its ability to resonate with gamers and achieve record-breaking heights in today's competitive gaming landscape. As Nintendo continues to innovate, the gaming world eagerly awaits its forthcoming masterpieces.

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