The creators of the new Super Mario Bros. Wonder game reveal an unusual approach to development, allowing innovation to shape the process rather than sticking to a strict schedule.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Undergoes Unorthodox Development

Unveiling a distinct departure from previous iterations, Super Mario Bros. Wonder, the latest 2D Mario game, has garnered attention for its highly visual and attractive style. With a nod to the classic 2D Mario, it offers a fresh, evocative depiction that sets it apart from its predecessors, reflecting the game creators' deliberate decision to veer from traditional methods.

According to a recent 'Ask the Developer' post on Nintendo's official website, Nintendo's creative team at Nintendo EPD discussed an unconventional approach to developing Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It involved encouraging developers' creativity and innovation, building novel gaming technology, and departing from the norm of sticking to a strict schedule.

At first glance, Super Mario Bros. Wonder emerges as a visually magnificent break from previous games like New Super Mario Bros. It also signifies a departure from the standard developmental process. Creators spent considerable time and thought re-envisioning a 2D Mario game and determining the best way to showcase its dynamic and lively world.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder game designer, Koichi Hayashida, during a developer Q&A, talked about how this game's creation deviated from the norm. Upon finishing work on Super Mario Maker 2, the development team felt it was time for a change - they needed a new and uncharted developmental process. This evolution involved developing a new 2D Mario engine from scratch to best model the game's vision.

Hayashida acknowledged that they had a tremendous influx of ideas during the long creative process to the point that their idea wall—composed of stick notes—totaled over 2,000. Also, producer Takashi Tezuka noted that they spent more time devising Wonder's creative angle than on any of their recent 2D games.

He admitted, "We wanted to create a game with much more to offer than ever before, so this time, we didn't set a fixed period for development, which is usually decided before we kick off." This refreshing approach of focusing on developing an enjoyable game, without worrying about a production schedule, initially involved only a small group but gradually incorporated more members.

So far, this change in approach seems to have paid off. The vibrant visual style and energetic pace of gameplay in Wonder demonstrate the creative breakthroughs achieved after the prolonged development period. With its unique charm, it seems poised to invigorate the 2D Mario series, promising a fun, out-of-the-ordinary gaming experience to its fans. As players anticipate the release of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, they can look forward to experiencing firsthand the product of this pioneering approach to game development.

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