Gamer puncayshun sets a new world record with 'carpetless' play in Super Mario 64. However, the record-breaking moment was tinged with humor due to the minimal time saved.

Super Mario 64 Speedrunner Sets Unusual World Record

A legendary trick that saves just a second has propelled a Super Mario 64 speedrunner to new heights. The famous 'carpetless' trick, transformed from a myth to a functional technique, has been used to set a new, albeit unique, record.

In Super Mario 64, a particular Star is deemed a nightmare by speedrunners vying for completion in the 120 Star category. The challenging mission requires a long, slow magic carpet ride to reach the end. For years, speedrunners have sought ways to bypass this with the 'carpetless' version of the level. However, the trick was too unpredictable for use in a full-game run.

Then, in September, meme met reality when a Super Mario 64 player figured out a setup for the carpetless trick. This feat, regarded as the biggest possible time saver discovered in 20 years of Super Mario 64, promised to save from 45 seconds to a full minute if executed correctly. Anticipation in the gaming community grew for the 120 Star record to be broken emphatically.

Enter puncayshun, the speedrunner legend who previously held the 120 Star record multiple times from 2014 to 2019. On October 12, he set a new world record using the 'carpetless' trick. However, instead of the anticipated substantial time saving, puncayshun achieved victory by a mere second.

In fact, the record was so narrow that puncayshun initially did not realize he set a new record. It was only as the run concluded and he saw congratulations flowing in the chat that he realized his achievement. The confirmation led to laughter and an overwhelming sense of the absurd.

He stated, "Did I just get the most cringe world record of all time?" Indeed, he termed his achievement as the 'literal most cringe world record of all time.' Such a record, while still a victory, feels different as it lacks the excitement associated with substantial time saves.

Yet, the new world record also signals potential. The 'carpetless' technique could still save up to 59 seconds in a run, meaning puncayshun's record is not likely to last very long. Nevertheless, with this small victory, he managed to claim a $500 bounty.

The speedrunning community continues to push the boundaries of what is possible. Competitors relentlessly fine-tune their strategies, continually shaving off milliseconds to achieve the fastest times. Regardless of the slim margin of his latest record, puncayshun's accomplishment is a testament to the creative problem-solving that typifies speedrunning. It is also a reminder of the humor and surprises that come with innovating in gaming, adding flavor to the drive for the fastest time.

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