Street Fighter 6 delights players with a new Final Fight-themed Fighting Pass this November. The pass includes a series of exciting rewards such as gear, emotes, and a playable classic game.

Street Fighter 6 Launches Final Fight-Themed November Fighting Pass

As November rolls in, Street Fighter 6 opens the month with a burst of intensity. The game is unleashing a Final Fight-themed Fighting Pass, promising to engage players with an array of rewards like gear, emotes, and more. The top highlight? Players can enjoy the classic 1989 Capcom beat 'em up, available directly from the in-game Game Center.

From the 1st November, players have the opportunity to gain exceptionally surreal-looking gear. The best of these is inspired by the unsurpassable Mike Haggar, the former mayor of Metro City and Mad Gear Gang's worst nightmare. By earning Kudos in the game, players can progress in the Fighting Pass and unlock avatar gear reward tiers. And to add a spin of nostalgia, players can turn back time with Street Fighter 2 Alpha themes for Guy, Sodom, and Rolento.

If you've been keeping up lately, Street Fighter 6 has been making quite a stir. Earlier, the Spooky Party Fighting Pass kicked off on PS5 and PS4, featuring new costumes allowing players to dress up as a cat, zombie, clown, or toy. Next, the game made a splash with the introduction of a spontaneous compound character, A.K.I, for the PS5, PS4 version. Though surprising, the character was appreciated as being quirky in the best possible way.

However, not all news around Street Fighter 6 has been positive. The game came under scrutiny for seemingly overpriced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles DLC, which cost a whopping $100 or £80.

So, what's your experience with Street Fighter 6? Any opinions on the latest Final Fight Gala Fighting Pass? Will you be diving into the arena and putting your fighting skills to the test? The gaming community is eager to hear your thoughts.

Street Fighter 6 has consistently made moves to keep the game fresh and exciting for its players. Keep up with the latest updates for more fun content and updates for PS4 and PS5.

Street Fighter 6 isn't just a game—it's a journey through time and a tribute to classics that shaped a generation of gamers. With their recent update, players can expect an engaging blend of new elements, nostalgia, and intense combat. Whether you're a fan of the classic beat 'em ups or not, there's a slice of fun awaiting everyone in the Final Fight-themed pass - a testament to the game's continued dedication to creative and engaging content.

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