Enshrouded, a survival RPG combining Dark Souls and Valheim styles, garners the top spot among the most-played demos during the October 2023 Steam Next Fest.

The Top 50 Games from Steam Next Fest Revealed

The curtains for the October 2023 edition of Steam Next Fest have come down. But the fun is far from over as Steam has now revealed the top 50 games that were played the most during the weeklong event. These rankings are based on the count of unique players, offering an intriguing look into the most popular choices among the attendees.

Leading the pack is Enshrouded, a survival RPG that throws players into a unique world that bears striking resemblance to both Valheim and Dark Souls. The game quickly rose to prominence within the ranks of Steam Next Fest's most popular entries shortly after the Fest's kick-off, even grabbing the top spot. It owes its popularity largely to its cleverly designed boss battles that mirror the Dark Souls series, as well as its immersive survival elements reminiscent of Valheim.

Following closely behind in the second place is Japanese Drift Master, a breath-taking open-world racing game inspired by the iconic 'Initial D' manga series. Players have thoroughly enjoyed whizzing through its beautifully rendered roads and engaging in high-octane races.

Securing the third position is Sky: Children of the Light. This mellow yet intriguing MMO offers a refreshing break from the feverish pace of incredibly popular games like Final Fantasy 14, making it a perfect choice for gamers looking for a calmer experience.

The remaining places in the top 50 list are occupied by an array of captivating games which span across a multitude of genres. Some of the key highlights include the action-roguelike game Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor, first-person shooter Robocop: Rogue City, GhostRunner 2 with its stunning cyberpunk action elements and Headbangers, a rhythm-inspired battle royale game.

Steam Next Fest didn't limit its offerings to just these high-ranking titles. During the event, multiple intriguing demos were showcased, showcasing a broad range of genres and gameplay styles. These included the JRPG Astra: Knights of Veda, strategy-heavy Stronghold Definitive Edition, roguelike adventure Cursorblade, survival horror game Echoes of the Living, farming simulation A New Leaf: Memories, city-construction based Pioneers Of Pagonia, Another Crab's Treasure in the Soulslike category, and the horror RPG Little Goody Two Shoes, among many others.

Just because Steam Next Fest came to an end doesn't mean you lose out on trying these exciting games. Many of the games mentioned above still offer demos on their respective Steam pages. It may be that the one that catches your eye will still have a demo ready for you to ride on a thrilling gameplay experience.

As you navigate the vast list of options, you might find it helpful to refer to Steam's compilation of the best demos from the Steam Next Fest. This will set you on an exciting journey to discover a world of unforgettable gaming experiences!

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