Matt Smith and Morfydd Clark star in David Kokotajlo's spooky folk horror movie Starve Acre, debuts with an amazing perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings Stars in Perfectly Rated Horror Flick

The newest folk horror flick Starve Acre, starring Doctor Who's Matt Smith and The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power's Morfydd Clark, is receiving stellar reviews from critics. The movie, with an exciting perfect rating on Rotten Tomatoes, is turning heads and setting expectations high.

Helmed by David Kokotajlo, the chilling tale of this movie is based on the novel by Andrew Michael Hurley. The plot of the movie revolves around Richard and Juliette, a young couple who trade their bustling city life for the quiet seclusion of Richard's former home, ominously named Starve Acre. Richard’s past at Starve Acre is anything but pleasant, a detail that he keeps hidden from his unsuspecting wife. The couple's lives start spiraling into dread and chaos when the memories of Richard's abusive father return to haunt him, and an unexpected tragedy strikes their life.

The cast of Starve Acre also includes the talented Robert Emms, Erin Richards, and Roger Barclay in supporting roles. Variety's Guy Lodge, in his review, describes Starve Acre as "formidably freaky." Katherine McLaughlin from SciFiNow labels it as "chilling and atmospheric". "The movie ventures past the boundaries of magic realism, in a growing trend of English folk horror narratives, revealing a wilder realm that exists just beyond our conscious sight," states Art Fuse's Peg Aloi.

Place in the unsettling 1970s, Starve Acre, with its unnerving scoring by Matthew Herbert, excavates a toxic and ancient terror that resides at the heart of what was once a happy family, remarks Sight & Sound's Anton Bitel. Smith and Clark, leading a truly capable cast, uphold the dramatic tension throughout the movie with their intelligent and well-digested performances, according to The Guardian's Peter Bradshaw. Jonathan Romney from Screen International is full of praises for the bespoke edge brought about through Kokotajlo's perfectionist direction to what could have otherwise been a Gothic, standard horror movie.

Starve Acre's official release date remains unknown, but fans around the world are waiting eagerly. This spooky movie season, if you're seeking movie inspiration, Starve Acre promises to leave an unforgettable impression. Keep an eye out for more updates on what promises to be a rollercoaster of a horror narrative.

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