In a striking display of inventiveness, a Starfield player has transformed an ordinary shotgun into a massively powerful artillery piece, exploiting the game's weapon modding system.

Starfield Gamer Modifies Shotgun into Devastating Weapon

Starfield, an immersive new-age game set in a vibrant cosmos, is known for the creative liberty it offers its players. The RPG's expansive weapon modding system allows participants to craft armaments that bend the norms of conventional firepower. And now, an ingenious Starfield player has quite literally taken the arms race to another level, transforming a plain shotgun into a miniaturized cannon capable of wiping out opponents with devastating ease.

Reddit user iSwearSheWas56 has created a noteworthy variation of the double-barreled Coachman shotgun. By incorporating a Hornet Nest ammo mod, this player has turned a short-range, fire-powered weapon into an artillery piece that indiscriminately devastates vast expanses, making precise aiming redundant. The mod makes shells rain down from the sky, turning space raiders into space rubble with mere shots.

One might wonder how a weapon typically designed for close combat, like a shotgun, can pull off long-range bombing. Here’s where Starfield's benevolence comes in. The game is surprisingly liberal with the effective range of its shotguns, underlining its commitment to nurturing gamer creativity. So much so, that precise positioning of the mod-enhanced shotgun isn't even necessary. As long as the user directs the artillery towards the intended enemy—be it in the sky or on the same planet—, the shells are likely to land with devastating accuracy and speed.

While wielding such raw power indoors or at close quarters might not be a great idea, it works perfectly outdoors, especially if paired with another shotgun for standard gunfights. Further explaining their strategy, iSwearSheWas56 said their gameplay revolves around "stealth sniping and explosive shotgunning, there is no in-between."

Making your own pontent Hornet Nest is fairly easy. One can unlock this mod via Magazine and Battery Mods 3 research. All it requires for crafting are an adhesive, lead, tetrafluoride, and of course, shotgun shells. And when it comes to shells, certainly, our inventive gamester didn't hold back, they brought 1,500 shells to a particular gameplay, efficiently wiping out a camp using just a small fraction of them.

Evidently, this weapon modding system provides scope for impressive inventiveness. With just a couple of tweaks, a player doesn't need over-the-top mods to defeat adversaries that are thrice their level. They can simply count on the game’s inherent flexibility and a little blessing from the RPG deities. Only time will tell how more gamers will harness this system to tilt the competition in their favor.

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