Bethesda's Starfield preparing for a major test update which includes DLSS support. AMD's performance-enhancer FSR3 is also on the cards for a near-future integration.

Starfield to Implement Nvidia DLSS Support Next Week

Starfield is set to carry out a crucial test next week with the eagerly awaited Nvidia DLSS support. Bethesda, the game maker, revealed this in a tweet promising the full update will soon follow on Xbox and PC platforms. This significant update will be launched in the Steam Beta community initially before going mainstream. Apart from DLSS support, the update promises frame generation, display, and HDR controls for systems that support these features, as well as several other enhancements and optimizations.

Since its launch, the absence of DLSS support in Starfield has markedly impacted the gaming community, with many seeking out DLSS mods specifically for Starfield, making these hot options for PC players. Bethesda’s move to officially incorporate DLSS support has thus been seen as an affirmative response to the community's needs.

In parity with this development, Bethesda is turning its attention to AMD's FSR3. Similar to Nvidia's DLSS, AMD's FSR3 is recognized as a performance-boosting tool. Bethesda has declared that it too will become a feature in Starfield in a later update.

The buzz around DLSS support for Starfield emerged in June when Bethesda proclaimed that AMD would be Starfield’s "exclusive PC partner." This sparked a wave of speculation, with many gamers erroneously assuming Nvidia's DLSS tech would never be included in the game. AMD was quick to clarify that it wouldn't sideline DLSS support, but the journey towards officially incorporating this technology has been a lengthy process.

DLSS, or Deep Learning Super Sampling, is a proprietary image rendering technology by Nvidia. It functions by reducing resolution in specific areas to increase framerates, after which an AI approach — deep learning — is leveraged to upscale these frames to their original resolution. The end result is improved framerates without significant compromise on visual quality.

In other Starfield-related news, a modder managed to convert leftover code from a space station outpost into a fully functional feature. This unexpected achievement raised gamer expectations for future DLC to be included in the game. As gamers around the world gear up to enjoy smoother gameplay with enhanced features, the future of Starfield seems brighter and more exciting than ever.

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