Starbreeze Studios is developing a new cooperative multiplayer Dungeons & Dragons game, set for release in 2026, promising a games-as-a-service model and cross-play support.

Starbreeze Announces Cooperative D&D Multiplayer Game

Excitement has stirred in the gaming community as Starbreeze Studios, the developers renowned for the Payday series, announces their entry into the fantasy realm with a new cooperative multiplayer game based on the illustrious tabletop role-playing game, Dungeons & Dragons. Slated for a 2026 release, this forthcoming title, tentatively referred to as ‘Project Baxter’ internally, promises to bring adventurers together in the enduringly popular universe of Dungeons & Dragons, which is gearing up to celebrate half a century of captivating storytelling next year.

Dungeons & Dragons, often affectionately abbreviated as D&D, is a game that traditionally thrives on imagination and collective storytelling, where players embark on epic quests and conquer mythical beasts in a richly detailed world. Starbreeze is preparing to take this beloved experience from the tabletop to the digital domain in a big way. While the D&D universe is vast and can be adapted to almost any fantasy setting, the video game is expected to find its home in the Forgotten Realms. This setting is already familiar to fans through games like Baldur's Gate 3 and the recent D&D movie Honor Among Thieves.

The developers have hinted that the game will align with the co-op multiplayer genre that Starbreeze is known for, citing a "lifetime commitment through a Games as a Service-model" that includes significant aspects of "community engagement." The goal is to deliver "a larger than life experience," which seems fitting for a franchise that deals with the grandiosity of dungeons and dragons—creatures and places not commonly encountered in everyday life.

Starbreeze envisions this game as one that lives on and evolves with its community, much like their previous works. Furthermore, their approach will be a continuation of the values that D&D holds dear: cooperative and community-driven experiences, the ability to "play it your way," and a promise of infinite replayability. This suggests that players might anticipate a degree of customization and personalization in how they approach the game—a core aspect of D&D's charm.

On December 4, 2023, Starbreeze shared their excitement on social media, expressing their eagerness to merge the legendary D&D IP with their game development expertise. They confirmed that the upcoming title would be available on all major platforms, ensuring accessibility for a broad audience and facilitating the social, cooperative nature intended for the game. In addition to seamless cross-play support, allowing players across different hardware to unite in adventure, the game is being developed with the cutting-edge Unreal Engine 5. Such technological foundations promise lush visuals and immersive gameplay befitting the fantastical settings and creatures of the D&D universe.

Fans eager for a glimpse into the game's aesthetic were given a small teaser—an image featuring a wizard-like character and a quintessential fantasy town vista. While specific details remain sparse, the anticipation is palpable among D&D enthusiasts and gamers alike, as this project represents yet another significant move to bring the legendary tabletop experience into the digital age.

Starbreeze's CEO, Tobias Sjögren, has described the game's development as "in full swing," revealing their ambition to craft an extraordinary Dungeons & Dragons action-adventure. The revelation of 'Project Baxter' comes at a time when the D&D franchise itself is exploring new horizons, with the upcoming revision of its tabletop ruleset and the introduction of a fully-featured virtual tabletop also powered by Unreal Engine 5.

The success of recent digital adaptations like the video game Baldur's Gate 3, coupled with the tabletop role-playing game's enduring popularity, are strong indicators of the potential for this new D&D video game. With the promise of long-term engagement and the blending of Starbreeze's cooperative gameplay pedigree with the rich lore of D&D, 'Project Baxter' is poised to be a new, exciting chapter in the storied legacy of Dungeons & Dragons. As both fans of the franchise and gaming enthusiasts look toward the future, the adventure continues with bated breath, marking calendars for a bold new quest in 2026.

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