Ubisoft's PS5 open-world game, Star Wars Outlaws, seemingly pushed to fiscal year 2024-2025, according to a recent financial report raising potential of delays.

Anticipated PS5 Game, Star Wars Outlaws, Reportedly Delayed

Upon its grand debut in June, Star Wars Outlaws managed to amass a considerable amount of awe and excitement among gaming fanatics. This open-world Playstation 5 game held many on tenterhooks, gleaming with promise. However, recent notifications suggest that this much-anticipated game might not grace the PS5 platform in the early part of 2024 as initially thought.

It's important to establish the fact that Ubisoft, the game's publisher, never released an official launch date for Star Wars Outlaws. Regardless, in the industry's relay of information, it was vaguely understood that the game was slated for release in the fiscal year of 2023-2024, meaning any time before April 2024.

Lending confirmation to this conjecture, Ubisoft's most recent financial report mentioned a "large game" that has been postponed to the fiscal year of 2024-2025 to fully "maximise its value creation." Although the report did not explicitly name Star Wars Outlaws, sources speculated that the game most likely is the one in question, considering Ubisoft has no other substantial game ventures charted for the current fiscal year.

From a broader perspective, this delay could be a blessing in disguise. It is a well-known fact among gaming circles that the early 2024 release schedule is brimming with plentiful major game releases. By pushing the Outlaws release date a tad further, it will grant breathing room for individual games to shine without being drowned in a sea of simultaneous releases.

Taking into account that there has barely been any recent news or updates about Outlaws in months, sparking doubts about a pre-April release. The marketing strategy and push for such an extensively break-taking game is bound to be massive, and understandably, requires time. Hence, this proposed delay can be seen as a strategic move by Ubisoft.

In summary, while the players awaiting Star Wars Outlaws might be slightly disappointed by the delay, it's worth remembering Ubisoft's commitment to deliver a worthwhile gaming experience. By pushing the launch date, Ubisoft is focusing on maximizing value creation for the game. Gaming fans can now look forward to an improved and more polished version of Star Wars Outlaws in fiscal year 2024-2025.

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