The beloved indie game Spirit of the North prepares for a sequel, offering players another silent, mystical journey through nature, this time with added companionship.

Independent Game Sequel Announced: Spirit of the North 2

One of the quieter stars of the gaming world, Spirit of the North, is set to make a new impression with its much-anticipated sequel. Four years since the release of the first game, creators at Infuse Studio have confirmed they are working on a sequel, aptly named Spirit of the North 2. The game’s announcement during the recent Xbox Partner Preview event stirred excitement amongst fans of the original title.

Spirit of the North carved out a unique position for itself in the world of video gaming, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with acclaimed indie darlings such as Journey and Abzu. Its appeal lay in its serenely meditative nature, presenting a touching narrative through the lens of a single-player adventure that said so much without uttering a single word.

In the sequel, Spirit of the North 2, players can expect close similarities with its predecessor, as confirmed by the recently debuted trailer. As before, the game places you in control of a mystical fox, this time venturing across landscapes inspired by the austere beauty of Iceland. Players will traverse majestic forests, venture up snow-ridden mountains, and even journey beneath the surface into caves and ruins embellished with glowing runes and symbols.

The first game saw our fox protagonist invoke the powers of a spirit, and Spirit of the North 2 sees him accompanied by a new companion, a raven. The choice of animal is not incidental, as ravens are deeply embedded within Nordic lore and legend. The new trailer even seems to suggest that the raven too, much like the fox, has some spiritual connection, as indicated by its glowing wingtips.

The Spirit of the North 2 trailer also sets the stage for the narrative. The fox and raven are on a momentous quest to restore lost guardians, who succumbed to the enchantments of the dark shaman Grimnir. The mission stretches across surreal landscapes, potentially even fireside, as indicated by the vibrant orange lighting in the trailer's closing scene.

The original Spirit of the North won hearts through its arresting imagery and a mesmerizing soundtrack by composer Joseph Gifford. Coupled with its cryptic storytelling approach, these qualities contribute to the game's charm and fascination. The new trailer shows these elements are being carried forward, enhanced perhaps by a greater emphasis on poignant music.

Despite the franchise’s popularity, some critiques of the original game focused on its controls that felt somewhat jarring compared to the refined graphics and immersive environments. However, in renewing a beloved title, developers have the chance to address previous limitations, potentially honing the gameplay for a more seamless experience in Spirit of the North 2.

This sequel has initially been announced for release on Xbox Series X|S but has since been listed on Steam, mimicking the game's original debut on consoles followed by a later PC release. While an official launch date remains a mystery, what remains clear is the anticipation of fans and gamers worldwide, eager to embark on another enchanting journey, "coming soon".

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