The new Ultimate Spider-Man series portrays Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson as a happily married couple juggling superhero duties and two kids.

Ultimate Spider-Man: Peter Parker Marries Mary Jane Watson

In the Marvel universe, superheroes often undergo transformations, evolve, and experience life-altering events. This time, a significant change is coming to the life of a favorite neighborhood web-slinger, Spider-Man. With the relaunch of the Ultimate Spider-Man series, the comic book's new iteration showcases a Spider-Man fans have longed to see for many years. The upcoming Ultimate Spider-Man series reveals Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, and Mary Jane Watson— one of pop culture's most iconic duos, as a happily married couple managing their lives along with two kids.

The Ultimate Spider-Man series is Marvel's first ongoing series to be set in the new Ultimate Universe. Writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Marco Checchetto have collaborated to bring to life this new take on Spider-Man, wherein an older and wiser Peter Parker balances his role as the popular superhero with his responsibilities as a husband and a father.

The notion of a married Spider-Man was first hinted at by Hickman himself, who suggested that fans could expect a "Peter B. Parker situation". This was a reference to the Peter Parker from the movie 'Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse' where he is married as well as a father. With the launch of the series, Hickman has genuinely lived up to his word, finally answering the hopes of those fans who felt starved by the mainstream Spider-Man's evasion of letting Peter Parker and MJ be together.

The new Ultimate Spider-Man doesn't merely marry off Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson. It takes an unforgettable journey into a very different setting than fans are traditionally used to. Hickman explains their intent behind this significant shift in Spider-Man's narrative. He states, "When we decided that we were going to do a book about an older Peter Parker becoming Spider-Man, we really wanted to lean into him starting his superhero life from a very different place than what's traditionally expected."

Along with the announcement of the married Spider-Man, Marvel also revealed a new cover for Ultimate Spider-Man #1, provided by Elizabeth Torque. Torque will also cater the variant covers for the first four issues of the series. Ryan Stegman contributes with a promotional artwork piece to celebrate the upcoming series.

In conclusion, the newest Spider-Man series, Ultimate Spider-Man #1, is set to hit the shelves on January 10. It marks a unique turning point for Spider-Man who, as a loving husband and caring father, continues to juggle his superhero duties. This awaited transformation of the beloved Spider-Man is sure to captivate the fans and keep them glued to the latest Spider-Man comics Marvel has on the anvil.

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