Physical disc users of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 report installation issues, making it seemingly impossible to go beyond 36% during the process.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Installation Troubles Haunt Players

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 had a high-anticipated release last Friday. The gaming community, ever enthusiastic, looked forward to soaring through the intricately detailed streets of New York City as their favourite web-slinging hero. However, this joy was dampened for a considerable number of users who happened to get their hands on the physical edition of the game.

Interestingly, these users ran into challenges during the installation stage. The game, far from taking them onto the famed skyscrapers of New York, had frozen in mid-installation. Mainly users from Europe reported the issue, highlighting that the progress bar stalled at exactly 36% each time. These affirmations of the problem were echoed on global platforms such as Reddit and ResetEra.

Players explored all available options in an attempt to fix the problem. They tried reinstalling the game, disconnecting their PlayStation 5 consoles from the internet and executing a hard reset of the console. However, these attempts were futile; the problem persisted.

In a bid to solve the issue, one particular Redditor decided to acquire a new disc from GameStop, but alas, this too proved unsuccessful. The situation led to conjectures about a possible batch issue, which, if true, could mean that the installation problem isn't isolated but affects a significant number of discs. However, these are merely speculations at this point.

The situation drew widespread attention, prompting IGN, a leading games and entertainment media company, to contact PlayStation and Insomniac Games, the developer. As of now, neither the console producer nor the game developer has commented on the issue. We are eagerly awaiting their response, which we hope will provide further insight and a possible resolution to this growing problem.

Having executed extensive promotional marketing for Marvel's Spider-Man 2, Sony is expected to address this glitch promptly. As the gaming community continues to struggle with this unexpected predicament, many are asking about the experiences of others. If you're a user who purchased a physical copy of Marvel's Spider-Man 2, we encourage you to share your installation experience, especially if you've run into similar issues.

The physical disc installation issue underscores the challenges faced in game development, even after the game is made available to the public. And, this highlights the importance of continual post-release support from the developer and platform provider.

Nevertheless, it's hoped that this situation can be rectified swiftly, so players can once again focus on what they enjoy most - transforming into everyone's favorite superhero, mastering the expansive cityscape, and immersing themselves in the compelling storytelling promised by Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

As word spreads on this issue, we anticipate that the development and console teams will soon provide a much-needed solution. Meanwhile, stay tuned for updates and, hopefully, a quick return to those captivating New York skyscrapers!

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