Alchemist Interactive's game Spells & Secrets, the cozier cousin of Hogwarts Legacy, will finally be released next month after being on fans' wishlist for over two years.

Hogwarts Legacy Who? Enter the Cozy Roguelike Spells & Secrets

"No acceptance letters required here folks! Enter Greifenstein wizard school with Spells & Secrets, providing all the magical co-op roguelike charm without Voldemort haunting your dreams. After being the knights in shining graphic apparel, the folks at Alchemist Interactive have confirmed that wish-granting exercise of a game will finally be released on November 9, 2023.

Imagine logging on only to be whisked away by pixels and codes to a wizarding school where the only spelling mistakes are the ones you cast incorrectly (Riddikulus, anyone?). This is where the Spells & Secrets magic happens - a far cozier Hogwarts Legacy and let's admit it, who wouldn't want that?

As the gamer holding the wand-controller, you'll have the liberty to personalize your character from head to toe. Want blue hair and a face with plenty of freckles? Or stark white skin with tattoos dancing on your avatar's arms? Consider it done! This game is not just about the magical mayhem, but it's also about celebrating your unique wizarding style!

Once properly accessorized for magical mishaps, you're ready to face challenges that include good old fashion spell-casting, monster tackling, buddy rescuing, castle exploring and mystery-solving. And here’s a little cherry on top, if you're feeling lonely, invite a friend over for a magical night-in because Spells & Secrets allows a two-player co-op online via Steam Remote Play.

Cue drumroll for the RELEASE DATE ANNOUNCEMENT tweet that we've all been waiting for! November 9th is when you can finally hang up those waiting boots and glide your gaming brooms through the ever-so-comforting scenes of Spells & Secrets.

If your thumb twitching is getting unbearable and four weeks seem like a lifetime to endure, worry not! A demo version of the game is available on Steam, to give your eager gaming fingers a little warmup before the main event.

Once finally released, Spells & Secrets will be casting a wide-net on as many consoles as it can, including PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. So, clear your November calendar, sharpen your wands, and get ready for the magical gaming ride that is Spells & Secrets!"

So, gear up for the magical journey. While we understand all good things come to an end (we're looking at you, Hogwarts Legacy), it's also true that there are even better ones waiting to be discovered, and Spells & Secrets seems like just the game that'll fill the void. So mark your calendar and warm up your gaming thumbs. The magic awaits!

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