The BAFTA-winning studio, State of Play Games, offers its narrative adventure, South of the Circle, free for trial with an option for a single purchase for the full game.

South of the Circle Debuts on iOS, No Longer Apple Arcade Exclusive

The aptly-titled narrative adventure game, South of the Circle, has finally made its debut on iOS, marking an end to its exclusive run on Apple Arcade. This comes as a welcome surprise to many gaming enthusiasts, as the BAFTA-winning studio, State of Play Games, has now made the South of the Circle game free to try, with an optional single-purchase package for full access to the game.

South of the Circle takes its aspiring gamers on a profound narrative journey, unfolding the lives of Cambridge academics, Peter and Clara, grappling to find an equilibrium between their career aspirations and their love—and that, amid the tumultuous universe of the Cold War. It is a meticulous blend of sentimental and historical contexts, evoking powerful emotions through its profound storytelling and immersive gameplay.

While the historical setting of the Cold War undoubtedly amplifies the emotional quotient of the game, South of the Circle effectively adds a twist through its protagonists’ personal dilemmas involving life choices. This masterfully layered narrative complexity elevates the gaming experience, almost certain to evoke a diverse range of emotions amongst its players.

This emotional whirlwind of a game is not just content-rich but also aesthetically appealing. Its visually striking graphics, coupled with an emotion-based mechanic, contribute substantially to its engaging effect.

However, the game's real star attraction lays in its extraordinary cast ensemble. Featuring performances by notable celebrities, including Gwilym Lee from Bohemian Rhapsody, Olivia Vinall from The Woman in White, Richard Goulding from The Crown, Anton Lesser from Game of Thrones, Adrian Rawlins from Chernobyl, and Michael Fox from Downton Abbey, South of the Circle boasts a powerhouse of talent. The commendable cast only enhances the game's overall quality, providing a life-like dimension to the narrative.

With such an impressive repertoire, South of the Circle leaves no room for second guessing its trial. It is now available for free download on the iOS App Store, with an in-app purchase option for full game access priced at $3.99 or a local equivalent. Additionally, avid gamers can join the game's growing community on Twitter for all the latest updates or sneak a peek at the game on their official website.

In a nutshell, the release of South of the Circle outside Apple Arcade is a gaming delight for many. It promises to extend its captivating narrative and immersive gameplay to an even broader audience—an exciting prospect for those who appreciate the thrill of engaging narratives. The game's fusion of poignant storytelling, stunning visuals, the emotional dynamism of its characters, and the star-studded cast create a compelling gaming experience indeed. Get ready to embark on this cold yet emotionally warming adventure with South of the Circle. Experience the drama, navigate through the turmoil, and get lost in the mesmerizing world that State of Play Games has artfully crafted in South of the Circle.

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