In a humorous experiment, one Skyrim player discovers what happens when you binge on all the game’s purchasable food - instant, explosive death.

Gluttonous Skyrim Player Fills Belly, Meets Tragic End

A daring player of the popular fantasy role-playing video game, Skyrim, has made an unusually hilarious sacrifice to answer a question that few of us have likely ever pondered. What would happen if your character ate every piece of food obtainable in the various major cities of the game? The answer, as it turns out, is a sudden and rather explosive demise.

Reddit user amelix34 recently shared a video on the Skyrim subreddit showcasing this experiment. They captioned their post, "I have spent about 20,000 gold to buy all the food and ingredients from major cities to see what will happen if I use them all at once."

In the video, which is just 60-seconds long, viewers can watch as amelix34 navigates the game's inventory menu, building up the suspense. The player's character is shown devouring a grand feast made up of various in-game food items and alchemical ingredients. This indulgent binge ends with the consumption of precisely three bottles of Skooma, the game's fictional euphoric drink.

With the distinct flash of light that indicates death in the game, amelix34's character implodes, blood spurting from unseen wounds. The death is fast and, in its own absurd way, quite humorous. The character appears to have been consumed by the food from the inside out, like a tasty chestburster exploding forth.

Viewers of the video concluded that the unexpected demise likely came from the consumption of a particularly lethal item - the Jarrin Root, an ingredient often used in the game's Dark Brotherhood quests. The root in the game will deal a whopping 1,000 points of damage to players who consume it. Not even the ingestion of 26 in-game potatoes could offset the devastating impact of this mighty root.

This unconventional, jovial experiment may have lacked scientific controls, but it certainly made up for it with its comedic timing and surprise ending. Courtesy of an RPG scientist, we are offered a look into the unique, amusing, and explosive consequences of gluttony in the world of Skyrim.

Keen fans of the RPG game genre will be eager to find other offbeat experiments like this one. Another researcher in the field has been hoarding a stockpile of food in Skyrim, Starfield, and Oblivion to serve as a humorous comparative study of evolving game physics over time.

Another important question was thereby answered: sometimes, in the virtual world of Skyrim, you have to be careful not only with the dragons you fight but also with the food you eat - especially if you plan to eat it all at once.

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