New release, Skull Island: Rise of Kong, contenders to be one of the poorest PS5 and PS4 games of the year, leading to widespread criticism and disbelief within the gaming community.

Skull Island: Rise of Kong Rivals Worst PS5, PS4 Games

Earlier in the year, 'The Lord of the Rings: Gollum' was rated poorly by gamers, with disappointing ratings as low as 2/10. However, a newly released game, 'Skull Island: Rise of Kong', developed by GameMill, seems to be challenging for the top spot in the list of worst games of the year. Clips of actual gameplay have started to flood the internet, leading to widespread disbelief and disapproval amongst gamers.

One of the cut-scenes in the game, which has been viewed and shared multiple times on social media platforms, shows King Kong in a barely animated sequence with a static image of a purple scorpion. Such low production values, glaring lack of creativity, and failure in immersive storytelling are leaving gamers questioning how the game made it to the market.

It's evident that the development team did not have ample resources. However, the released game showcases a lack of effort in working within the constraints, winding up in creating a noticeably poorly-produced game.

Footage of the gameplay reveals some of the worst combat scenes seen in a game. With static, unresponsive action sequences, the game's fighting mechanics would not have passed muster even on the PS1, making it more shocking to find on the current generation PS5.

Critics predict that 'Skull Island: Rise of Kong' will receive poor reviews across the board, with pedestin predictions of it not managing to surpass the dismal Metacritic score of 34 that was handed down to 'Gollum'.

As the gaming industry continues to evolve and grow, this year has seen many fantastic releases that have enthralled gamers everywhere. However, a few games like 'Skull Island: Rise of Kong' and 'The Lord of the Rings: Gollum' have shown a decline in quality that leaves many gamers questioning the dedication and effort put into their production.

One thing is certain, though; these poor performing games serve as a stark reminder for the gaming industry to prioritize quality, creativity, and player's immersive experience in their upcoming releases. If video gaming is to continue on its upward trajectory, such lacklustre releases should be stark warnings of what not to do, lessons to be harnessed to ensure future games amaze, enthral and exceed expectations.

Even though some might argue that bad press is better than no press at all, the gaming industry has to realize that disappointed players are unlikely to view future releases of these particular development teams optimistically. This could lead to a significant hit for these companies when their next games are launched. Regardless of the circumstances or constraints faced during the development process, delivering a quality product should always be the primary focus.

Finally, it's important for players and critics to raise these concerns, to hold game developers to a high standard and to demand better quality games. This way, we can make sure that every new game that hits the shelves, digital or physical, is worthy of the time, and money players willingly invest in it.

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