Gaming company Double Fine celebrates 14th birthday of Xbox 360 classic Brutal Legend with a special event offering players a chance to earn a rare achievement.

Rare Xbox Achievement Available as Brutal Legend Turns 14

Brutal Legend, the Xbox 360 classic, is celebrating 14 years, with game developer Double Fine marking this milestone with a unique "Rocktober 13th" event. The celebration will be joined by none other than Double Fine's founder, Tim Schafer, who will be participating in multiplayer matches in Brutal Legend throughout the day.

This participation by Schafer creates a unique opportunity for gamers to earn a rare achievement known as "Six Degrees of Schafer". To secure this achievement, a player must have either played the game with Schafer himself or with someone else who has already earned this coveted achievement. It's an exciting chance for completionists in the gaming community, eager to add this achievement to their list.

Even if the luring of a rare achievement doesn't attract you, Brutal Legend is still worth experiencing on Xbox, even after all these years. The best part is that it's not only backwards compatible, but also available with Xbox Game Pass.

Despite hopes from the gaming community, there's no news of a sequel yet. However, Double Fine has expressed that a sequel to Brutal Legend "would be a cool thing". It might be an indication towards what the future holds, or simply just a tease, but it certainly keeps the excitement alive.

Meanwhile, Tim Schafer, known specifically for his deep involvement in the design and development of many game series, is still battling to achieve all the accomplishments in Brutal Legend. He has expressed that he is determined to reach this goal regardless of how long it takes.

As Brutal Legend turns 14, it’s an opportunity for gamers to not only remember the cult classic, but to also fully immerse themselves in it once more, perhaps discover something new, and stand a chance to earn an exciting rarity. Are you a fan? Going to revisit Brutal Legend today? The game has received mixed reviews from its audience, with some absolutely loving the unique content, and some finding it a tad overhyped. Regardless of its reception, its longevity and the avid fanbase proves that it has rightfully earned its spot in the world of classic video games.

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