A player in the Starfield universe uses low gravity and explosive mechanics to mimic one of Skyrim's most renowned memes.

Player Recreates Skyrim Giant Meme in Starfield Universe

Skyrim's memorable moments are many, but the visual spectacle and sheer hilarity of getting hurled into the stratosphere by a large club-wielding giant is undoubtedly an unforgettable one. This meme has proven to be as eternal as the game itself, remaining relevant ten years after the game’s initial release. Given the popularity of this particular gaming phenomenon, it was only a matter of time before players in the universe of Bethesda’s newest RPG, Starfield, attempted to recreate it.

A Starfield player, under the Reddit username bartz824, recently showcased an attempt at this unique form of Skyrim homage on the game’s subreddit. This creative player took advantage of the minimal gravity atmosphere of a moon, which remarkably only exerted about 10% of Earth's gravitational pull. To recreate the meme, they then used a precision sniper rifle to aim a shot at an enemy's explosive boost pack. The successful hit triggered an explosion, sending the unfortunate adversary soaring into the air, mimicking the comical trajectory of Skyrim's NPCs sent flying by giants.

While this low gravity landscape and Starfield's core theme of space exploration befit this tribute, the game’s design limitations mean players cannot replicate this action themselves. Regrettably, there do not seem to be entities within Starfield currently capable of shattering the game's programmed physics in the vein of Skyrim’s giants. Yet, the spectacle brought a sense of nostalgia and gave players hope that such a feature might one day find its way into this new universe.

This isn’t the first time Skyrim veterans have brought elements of the beloved RPG into Starfield. From attempts at recreating the super jump of ancient Oblivion tradition to an ambitious exploration covering every single planet in a 200-hour playthrough, Bethesda's work is ripe with opportunities for players to cross-pollinate experiences between worlds.

Despite the fun and innovation found within the stars of the Starfield universe, the adventures and memorable moments entrenched in the worlds of Skyrim and Fallout still have a firm hold on player’s hearts. As they continue exploring the possibilities of Starfield, they feel a nostalgic yearning for the fantasy worlds they journeyed through as Dragonborns and Vault Dwellers.

As players continue to bridge the gap between their favorite Bethesda RPGs, one thing remains certain: as long as there are giants, low gravity moons, and explosive jetpacks at hand, players will continue to find creative and unexpected ways to traverse game worlds. Whether it is recapturing the thrill of Skyrim or reimagining old game mechanics in fresh settings, the spirit of exploration and wonder that defines Bethesda's RPGs will undoubtedly continue to flourish.

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