Faced with Euro-economy blues, Sega canned Creative Assembly's much-anticipated Hyenas and some mystery titles, proving that not all gaming ventures strike gold.

Sega Says 'Hyena' to Creative Assembly's Space Heist Game

The Sonic superstar, Sega, must've awaken from a nightmarish trip to the dentist filled with drills, laughing gas and unending rounds of Candy Crush, only to take the decision to axe quite a bundle from its pending game releases. Cutting deep into its European offerings owing to a bout of doldrums in profitability, this gaming goliath has revoked the life support to Creative Assembly's burgeoning first-person shooter game, Hyenas and a few hush-hush projects.

Oh, Hyenas, we hardly knew ye. This fledgling space heist shoot-em-up had been swaddled up for its beta cot just last week and now, faster than you can scream "Mario Kart incident!" it ceases to exist in Sega's universe. Reportedly, this bloodbath didn't stop at the game titles. There are whisperings of impending layoffs at Creative Assembly, a suspected collateral fallout of this high-octane decision. Sega's press release, in a cold corporate manner almost reminiscent of a villainous game over message, stated, "Abrupt game massacre in progress. Expect causalities in fixed expenses. Consequent one-time financial bloodshed probable. Stay tuned for more fatalities."

As this paradoxical whack-a-mole game plays out, Sega, with a tongue slightly pink from the bitter taste of losses, confesses to expecting a dent of 14.3 billion yen in the coming fiscal year's books due to its cutthroat business sprucing. However, they assure the world that in the grand scheme of their fiscal-year financial map-role, there will be no sweeping changes, just yet.

Hyenas, a neon punk page out of the comic book universe, was introduced last year as a one-of-a-kind multiplayer and multi-team heist thriller set in the foreboding nullity of space. The game, encapsulating the dreams of every space cowboy ever, was released for closed betas recently, making waves in its singular genre. But alas, all that glitters in space is not profitable on Earth, it seems!

Life Lesson from the Sega-versity : Running a global gaming company isn't just about boss battles and hidden level-chickens, there's a fair deal of real-world monsters, such as underperforming games, economic downturns and regrettable write-offs. Sega's latest ordeal is as real as gaming gets.

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