The multiplayer FPS game, Second Extinction, formerly available on Xbox Game Pass, has been permanently delisted due to several setbacks during its development phase.

Second Extinction, A Former Xbox Game Pass Title, Delisted

Second Extinction, a popular multiplayer first-person shooter game, that was initially launched with much excitement on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, has now been permanently delisted and will no longer be available for purchase on the Xbox Store.

This game, set in a world dominated by deadly dinosaurs, was first revealed for Xbox in 2020, followed by its official Xbox debut in April 2021 as it became part of Xbox Game Pass. It had garnered substantial hype and fanfare during its early access release and generally positive initial reactions. However, due to a lack of success and unexpected complications in its development process, the makers have decided to put a halt to the active development of Second Extinction.

The developers revealed that although the game was well-received among players and the gaming community, it unfortunately failed to achieve the anticipated success. Adding to this, certain unforeseen "show-stopping" problems impeded it from transitioning out of early access.

The developers, initially, had plans to launch the complete version of the game last year. However, due to the discovery of a few critical problems close to the release, they had to defer their plans. It soon became apparent to the team that they lacked the necessary resources to meet their quality benchmarks and come out of the early access phase.

Addressing their fan base, the developers announced, "After evaluating our options and working during this year to find other potential solutions, this became the reality our team had to face." For those who already own Second Extinction, they will still have an opportunity to enjoy the game until sometime next year. However, newcomers will not have the opportunity to experience this game.

One silver lining to this unfortunate turn of events is that no layoffs are anticipated following the game's closure. The team members will be reassigned to other projects within the Avalanche Studios Group. Second Extinction's journey may have ended prematurely, but the Studio remains hopeful for the future.

The team commented, "We’ve come away with a list of things that worked incredibly well, and things we know to avoid for future projects. One thing is for certain – while Second Extinction may be coming to a close, our commitment to crafting memorable moments that capture the magic of gaming will never fade."

Hence, despite the disappointing end, it seems like the lessons learned from Second Extinction will be instrumental in crafting and shaping the future of gaming. The anticipation and excitement for what the future holds for the studio remain high amongst fans.

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