The Nintendo Switch's Watermelon Game is suddenly the ripest fruit on the tree, two years post-launch. Puzzlingly delightful, it's grown from a seed to a sensation.

Watermelon Game: Two Years Late to its Own Party

You know when you're fashionably late to a party and as you burst in, all eyes are on you? Well, that's exactly what happened with Nintendo Switch's Watermelon Game AKA ‘Suika Game’. Instead of a snappy outfit though, this game made its entrance with delicious watermelons, inviting players to stack ‘em high - Tetris style - and not let ‘em fall.

Taking us back two years when the critics were all “meh”, the game, with its adorable graphics and addictively simple rules, seemed doomed to be forgotten in the vast universe of Nintendo eShop exclusives. After all, who’d have the patience for building a squash pyramid? Fast forward to today, brought back to life through the magic of the internet, this underdog has become a charming sensation worldwide.

If you’re a fan of overnight success stories, well, keep looking. There isn't a fairy godmother behind this shift, but some Japanese content creators – or online wizards. Waving their magic wands (and gameplay videos), they revived this fruity tale, making it go viral in the virtual land.

The developer of Suika Game, Aladdin X, must be rubbing their lamps in joy. Technically, it's not a magical lamp, but the sensation has caused sales to skyrocket, and when we say skyrocket, we mean to the tune of "over 50,000 times" the initial amount.

A quick peek at Twitter reveals the addictive allure of our juicy protagonist. VTubers and game fans alike are ready to crown it the king of fun, their posts shining with the glee of stacking fruit.

Here's where we toss in a bit of vinegar into this sweet fruit salad: as of yet, the game isn’t available outside of Japan. But don’t drop that melon just yet! If you're itching for a taste of the newest gaming delicacy, you can wiggle your way into a Japanese eShop account and get your fruit-tastic fix. Oh, there's also a free browser version (courtesy of Polygon) for folks who like to 'try' before they 'buy'.

After all, who wouldn’t want to spend an evening stacking watermelons? But be warned, my friends, it's a job that requires patience, precision, and no fear of imminent fruit avalanches. If this juicy journey isn't your cup of, well, juice, don't worry. There’s a cornucopia of other Nintendo bites to nibble on. But in the end, aren’t we all just looking for a game as juicy, sweet, and unexpectedly fun as Watermelon Game?

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