The mobile fantasy MMORPG, RuneScape, brings its first necromancy event "Ancient Awakenings," plunging players into mysterious realms and setting up undead combat.

RuneScape Unleashes "Ancient Awakenings" Necromancy Event

It seems like just yesterday when RuneScape, the delectably addictive MMORPG, unleashed its much-anticipated skill of necromancy upon us humble mobile gamers. And it's fair to say, we've become quite comfortable with our newfound ability to raise the dead. But now, the folks at Jagex have decided to crank up the spookiness a notch with the first event of the Necromancy season, "Ancient Awakenings."

Inviting adventurers from all over RuneScape, the event blasts open a portal to the rather unpleasantly named Ungael Island. And, to spice things up, we're not headed there for a casual beach vacation. Nope. We'll be trying to thwart a potentially devastating ritual that threatens all of Gielinor. Why can't us RuneScapers catch a break?

The sinister Zemouregal, your not-so-friendly neighborhood necromancer, is heading the ritual. Yes, one can imagine the kind of welcome party he's got arranged! But, worry not, brave heroes, you're not alone. Tags along The Raptor, Asther the Butler, and Bill from the Fort Forinthry season. It's like assembling a super-band, if bands consisted of butlers and necromancers.

For a bit of fun (if you consider fighting for your life 'fun'), there's a new player vs. monster combat activity: The Ungael Arena. Here, your freshly acquired necromancy skills will face their ultimate test. With his minions lined up like the world's deadliest conga line, Zemouregal is intent on turning every run into a death-defying challenge. Think of it as a hands-on study in summoning the undead, with the syllabus becoming more lethal with each level.

But are all these dangers worth it? The answer is yes. Completing this gore-stricken extravaganza earns players titles, weapon cosmetics, and the season's hottest look: the Raptor outfit.

For the botany buffs among you, the update also expands the Fort Forinthry region with a new delight: Botanist’s Beach. Alas, there's no sunbathing; instead, it’s a brewing powerhouse for necromancy potions, your trusty aids for future wars. Granny Rowan is ever-present for a little friendly assistance, making mixing decoctions slightly less confusing and deathly.

There's no cause for FOMO here - the Necromancy combat skill is open to everyone above level 20 and elevates to level 120 for committed RuneScape members. So, if you're not already part of the RuneScape fandom, there's an adventure waiting just a download away. Trust me, a spot of necromancy makes everything more interesting, especially when you're up against Zemouregal and his band of lively undead!

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