PlayStation Plus gamers could be in for a treat as teasers hint at the addition of The Last of Us 2 to its Premium Collection, raising eyebrows and expectations.

Rumored Surprise: The Last Of Us 2 May Add Sparkle to PS Plus

Move over, conspiracy theorists. It's time for PlayStation Plus users to borrow the tinfoil hats. We've got a mystery to solve. Twitter user TCMF2 spotted something spicy on the PS Plus banner on his PS5 console. There, amongst crude PS Plus games now hanging like trophies, was Naughty Dog's critically acclaimed blooper, The Last of Us 2. Wait, what? You heard it right. Despite not being a part of the PS plus smorgasbord, there it was, grinning like a guilty cat caught with a canary.

As a curious bunch we are, we started connecting the dots. The banner also shows Horizon Forbidden West (on PS Plus Extra tier like a double margarita in a two-for-one deal) and Hogwarts Legacy (a Game Trial via PS Plus Premium fetching fewer faculty points). That leaves The Last of Us 2, sticking out like a sore thumb or, in this case, an unexpected dessert crashing a Taco Tuesday party.

No one's shocked, to be fair. The Last of Us 2 joining the PlayStation clambake is like a dancer at a Powwow. It fits. Besides, its older brother (well, not exactly, but let's not split hairs), The Last of Us Part 1 is already there, living it up as a Game Trial on PlayStation Plus Premium. It's only fair that the younger one gets a piece of the Plus action.

If you're relishing the chance to try The Last of Us 2 via PlayStation Plus, you might want to put your gaming throttle on cruise control. Whispers of a possible remaster have been vibrant in the gaming grapevine. It's like a green version of the celebrity rumor mill but with more pixels. A PlayStation studio developer's LinkedIn profile update has teased a potential 'The Last of Us 2 Remastered' make-over, even though Naughty Dog is still playing coy about any such project. Naughty Dog indeed!

Meanwhile, Gustavo Santaolalla, the composer who spins tunes for the series as a cool side gig, playfully revealed he's been dabbling in a "new edition" of the sequel. Don't send out the fireworks yet. We're yet to hear from Naughty Dog about both the remaster gossip and the PlayStation Plus Premium party invite.

For those entertaining thoughts of joining the PlayStation service, put on your reading glasses, folks! We've got a juicy guide on scooping up the top-tier PlayStation Plus deals and affordable membership prices. Happy gaming—or mindful waiting—as it applies!

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