After a lengthy three-year wait, fan-favorite game Romans: Age of Caesar, from the minds behind the Stronghold series, finally debuts on Android and iOS.

Romans: Age of Caesar Struts onto Android, iOS

Well, well, well! Can you hear the fanfare? Can you smell the excitement? After making us twiddle our thumbs for three, yes THREE, years, the mighty Romans: Age of Caesar has finally descended on our humble Android and iOS devices. The brainiacs at FireFly Studios (yes, them from the Stronghold series fame), first teased this gem in the barren wilderness of January 2020. After what felt like a mammoth wait (complete with big hairy tusks), the game was launched on Steam earlier this year, and now it has set its sights on mobile domination.

If you're wondering, "Hmm, what's this Romans: Age of Caesar malarkey about?" You've got to think Clash of Clans, but in togas, and you get to act like Cicero now and then. Yes, it's a co-op city-builder with a sprinkling of political debating thrown in for good measure. Interested? You might wanna check out this list of top city builder games for Android!

The Stronghold series? Oh, just a little thing that first came out approximately one billion years ago in 2012. Its popularity could rival that of free-gladiator-show Fridays, still pulling in about 100,000 active monthly users on Steam. Clearly, the Age of Caesar has some big shoes to fill (and they're Roman sandals, no less). The game features that classic 90s isometric strategy gameplay you'd come to expect from FireFly Studios, but now it's online, baby!

So here's the deal: 16 players start with a city, and together they roll up their tunics and get their hands dirty to rebuild Rome to its original luster. Turns out those history phrasebooks were right, Rome wasn't built in a day... and certainly not when you're repeatedly attacked by barbarians and fending off political threats left and right. Is being a game Caesar anything like regular Caesar? Only time will tell.

Once the city is up and running, players then turn their attention to the senate. Starting from 'Humble Citizen' level, players have to channel their inner Julius Caesars and climb the political ladder. The ultimate goal? Of course, take the throne and enjoy the perks of power, but watch out: everyone else wants a piece of it too.

Ever fancy yourself as a virtual Julius Caesar without the whole 'stabby-backy' thing? Ever want to rebuild Rome, defend it, and rise to the power spot? Say no more! Whisk yourselves away to the enchanted land of the App Store and start your conquest today! Previewed by millions, Romans: Age of Caesar is now FREE to play. Gladiators, ready! Download now.

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