A scheduling issue led to the delay of Genshin Impact's next major update announcement. The rescheduled event will set up a full day of updates with Honkai: Star Rail for PS5 and PS4 gacha game enthusiasts.

Genshin Impact Livestream Rescheduled, Big Day for PS5 and PS4

The gaming world was eagerly awaiting the announcement of the next major update from Genshin Impact, but due to an unexpected scheduling problem, the event was postponed. In an intriguing turn of events, it will now be carried out in unison with another notable event, the v1.5 update broadcast for Honkai: Star Rail.

This concurrency of major updates will lead to a momentous day of gaming excitement for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 gacha game enthusiasts. Furthermore, viewers can expect to receive redemption codes for in-game currency during the broadcasts, enhancing the interactive aspect of the events.

The rescheduled Genshin Impact announcement is set to reveal the highly anticipated v4.2 update. Notably, this update is expected to introduce a new Archon character named Furina. For those unfamiliar with the game, Furina will join Genshin Impact's playable roster through a time-restricted banner, adding another layer of anticipation and intrigue to the update.

Similarly, Honkai: Star Rail's v1.5 update broadcast is getting considerable attention from gamers worldwide, adding to the suspense of the day.

The timing of these events is crucial for fans eager to tune in from different time zones around the world. For those based in North America, the broadcast will commence at 5:10am PDT / 6:10am MDT / 7:10am CDT / 8:10am EDT. For audiences in UK/Ireland, the event starts at 12:10pm GMT. European viewers can tune in at 1:10pm CET / 2:10pm EET. Lastly, for Asia/Oceania, the event will be broadcasted at 9:10pm JST / 8:10pm AWST / 11:10pm AEDT.

As these significant updates for two prominent games are due to happen back-to-back, it paves the way for an exciting day for gacha game fanatics. Gamers worldwide are preparing to tune in to these broadcasts, excitedly speculating the latest additions and improvements to their cherished games.

We look forward to hearing from you, our gaming community. Will you be tuning in to both broadcasts back-to-back? What do you anticipate from these latest updates to your favourite titles? Feel free to share your expectations, predictions, and thoughts below in the comments section. Whether you're excited about the introduction of Furina in Genshin Impact, or are looking forward to the v1.5 update from Honkai: Star Rail, your contribution will enrich the discussion and increase the anticipation for these updates.

No doubt, this surprise rescheduling has only intensified the excitement around these eagerly awaited updates, setting the stage for a thrilling day of gaming news. With redemption codes, exciting new character reveals, and major updates for two beloved gacha games, it’s not just another day for PS5 and PS4 gacha game fans – it’s a celebration.

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