Post long-delay - Arkane's Redfall finally delivers 60FPS mode. But with dwindling player counts, is it a case of too late to the party?

Redfall's 60FPS Mode: Late Rescue or Sinking Ship?

Eureka! After 180-days, six sullen months, the mythical 60FPS mode of Redfall has surfaced on Xbox Series X/S. Like a bride walking fashionably late, all eyes are on the beloved—as well as criticized—first-person shooter to see if the virtual dowry is as fantastic as promised!

Redfall's second massive update brings the anticipated 60FPS performance mode, presumably with pomp, style, and hopefully enough panache to make up for six months of wedding jitters. Arkane must be hoping for a “Happily Ever After,” but is the story only heading for "Till Bankruptcy Do Us Part?"

Amongst confetti and gift bags, Bethesda announced the arrival of the newlywed update with "Performance Mode to Xbox Series X|S, Stealth Takedowns, New Controller Settings, and Accessibility Upgrades," making it all sound like a pile of expensive presents under the Christmas tree. I guess Redfall's Santa came late this year! In addition, the game's world and the multiplayer mode saw some major makeover, like stuffing leftovers with tempting spices hoping it tastes fresher than before.

But here is the shocker! The studio who majestically brewed the Dishonored didn't serve stealth takedowns at launch itself. Proving, even a master chef can mess up a recipe, this time they’ve slapped it on the table, garnishing it with an increased enemy density, new enemy encounters in Redfall Commons, a cocktail of numerous fixes, and clearly labeled multiplayer 'marks.'

Now, whether these late-night snacks will appease the ravished gamers or not, remains to be seen. If we consider Redfall's Steam Chart as a crystal ball, the future looks... er... cloudy! Its 24-hour peak of 53 players isn't exactly what you’d call a bustling peak.

Speaking personally, like a hopeful single finding potential in every disastrous date, I always felt that there is a foundation for a promising multiplayer squad-based shooter in Redfall. Its creative world, enemy design, and gunplay all had an allure, but were implicitly hidden beneath daunting technical issues and an air of monotony. But hey, everyone deserves a second chance right? So, dusting off the earlier disappointment, I am all set to revisit the game. However, I am also concerned that it might just be a ghost ship, abandoned even by the most loyal of the crew.

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