The revered classic game, Radiant Silvergun, is making its debut on the Steam platform on November 3rd, with both classic and modern modes available.

Radiant Silvergun Set to Release on Steam November 3rd

Fans of the arcade shooter classic, Radiant Silvergun, will be excited to learn of its upcoming release on the Steam gaming platform on November 3rd. This announcement of the beloved 1998 game's Steam debut was brought to light by gosokkyu, a keen-eyed observer in the gaming community.

Radiant Silvergun, which will be priced at about ¥2,500, promises to be compatible with Xbox, PS4/PS5, and Nintendo Switch controllers. This provides gamers with a flexible array of play options as an added bonus, they can even opt for good old-fashioned keyboard & mouse controls.

This new port to Steam has been a long while coming. A few months ago, false alarm about the game's Steam debut got many fans buzzing. It's safe to say that the true confirmation of its arrival in November has reignited those flames of excitement.

The special addition to this Steam port is the ability to select between classic and modern gameplay. Classic mode harkens back to the Saturn/Arcade style, appealing to the nostalgia of the long-time fans.

Originally released in 1998 for the Saturn and in arcades, Radiant Silvergun soon gained popularity thanks to its superior overall quality. The Saturn version swiftly became a treasured acquisition, becoming one of the first titles to fetch high prices on eBay. Over time, the game has also been released in HD format for the Xbox 360.

The upcoming Steam edition is thanks to the company Live Wire. Earlier, they accomplished the porting of the game to the Nintendo Switch. The sweat they broke on the Nintendo Switch port has paid off. The Switch version retains many attributes of the 360 version, including the enhanced graphics, and is now set to serve as the stepping stone for the Steam version.

While the release date on Steam is set, some questions remain unanswered. In the meantime, devoted gamers and curious newbies alike can check out the game on its page on the Steam website.

Notably, this isn't the first time Live Wire has tackled a Radiant Silvergun port. They brought the game to the Nintendo Switch, with that version set to release on August 18. However, it's worth mentioning that the Switch version seemingly lacks keyboard & mouse support.

Regardless, the upcoming Steam release stands to be a big win not just for Radiant Silvergun, but for the whole world of retro gaming. For those new to the game, this is the chance to discover a true gem. For long-time fans, it's an opportunity to rekindle their passion. Regardless of the crowd, November 3rd stands to be a big day in the gaming world.

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