Senior VP at PlayStation, Eric Lempel, shares insights about the VR headset's role in their gaming strategy. PSVR2 seen as a catalyst for innovation, but PS5 remains the core.

Sony Emphasises PS5 as Core, Recognizes Importance of PSVR2

Sony, a major player in the realm of gaming, has not only made significant strides in furthering virtual reality (VR) technology but has also pushed the envelope in the market with its recently launched, innovative PlayStation VR (PSVR2). Facing stiff competition from high-end PC VR gear companies, PSVR2 has managed to tread its path successfully through advancements in headset features and unique controller designs.

Eric Lempel, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Marketing, Sales & Business Operations at PlayStation, shared his views on the role and future of virtual reality during a recent interview. Lempel stated that VR technology is of importance to Sony and suggested it's a sector that can drive innovation within the company. His remark underscores how Sony sees the significance of VR beyond the current product offerings.

However, Lempel added a caveat, stating firmly that while the VR is important, it will never be the singular focus of how people play games. That being said, the company is enthusiastic about their involvement. In addition to providing superb experiences that customers genuinely enjoy, the VR is seen as a fledgling area of business for Sony.

Although PSVR2 has been recognized as an important offering and a spearhead for innovation, Lempel made it clear that it won't be Sony's central product this season. That coveted spot is retained by PlayStation 5 (PS5). Sensibly, Sony's strategy remains focused on the PS5 as it forms the core part of their gaming unit.

It's a prudent stance on VR technology, which is yet to find its full stride in the mainstream market. The top management's commitment to ensuring the PS5 remains at the centre of their strategy is not surprising. The company's ambitious plans for the upcoming holiday season involve meeting the demands of a vast customer base through a revised hardware design and compelling software games like Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

Record-breaking sales during the holiday season are the company's primary objective. This pushes the PSVR2 to a secondary position, reinforcing solidly that the PS5 is, and continues to be, the nucleus of PlayStation's grand scheme. With the PS5 at its core, Sony continues to advance further into the gaming and technological world, making full use of the opportunities that emerging technologies such as VR provide.

Lempel’s remarks, therefore, echo the importance of striking the right balance between recognizing newer areas of innovation such as VR and not losing focus on the central pillar of business - in this case, the PS5. It thus paints a balanced portrait of the company's ongoing commitment to embrace the future while ensuring its current flagship product keeps leading the charge.

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