Pinball M reinvigorates the virtual pinball scene with horror-themed tables, improved loading times, and new gameplay modes.

Pinball M: A Fresh Spin on Virtual Pinball for PS5

In a landscape where virtual pinball has been largely shaped by Zen Studios, a new contender rises; Pinball M steps into the arena with an assertive flip, bringing about a fresh take on the beloved arcade classic. Zen Studios, the Hungarian developer renowned for their intricate table designs and feature-packed releases, has been the unrivaled champion of virtual pinball for over a decade. However, their recent release, Pinball FX, tromped on consumer trust by not honoring previous purchases while exhibiting sluggish performance and lack of key elements. In response, Pinball M launches, aiming to restore faith and introduce a darker edge with its mature material.

This new entry operates alongside its predecessor, Pinball FX, establishing itself with a higher age rating that unlocks the doors to more adult-oriented content. The structure embraces familiarity; players can access the core game along with the Director’s Cut of Zen Studio's original table, Wrath of the Elder Gods. Supplementing that, there is an option to engage with four additional tables through the purchase of the Death Save Bundle, or to acquire them separately if one so desires.

The allure of the tables is undeniable – they are exceptional in design and entertainment. Dead by Daylight Pinball is a table infused with the essence of Behaviour’s multiplayer horror game. Players must choose to take on the role of a killer or a survivor, navigating through lanes to either evade or ensnare. Familiar mechanics from Dead by Daylight, like repairing generators, integrate seamlessly into the pinball setting.

As the offering unfolds, the video game based tables within this collection only escalate in enjoyment and creativity. Duke Nukem’s Big Shot Pinball is a nostalgia-fuelled trip featuring recognizable polygonal models and an included first-person shooter mini-game. Players step into the boots of Duke Nukem himself, engaging in a side adventure that complements the pinball experience.

Movie-themed tables, such as Chucky’s Killer Pinball and The Thing Pinball, stand out with their atmospheric designs and references. Chucky’s Killer Pinball is characterized by expansive layout where the infamous doll spectates from the sidelines, setting off missions tied to iconic scenes from the franchise. Even the LCD display pays homage by showing actual footage from the films – a detail also mirrored by The Thing Pinball. This latter table captivates with its chilling ambiance, set against a backdrop of falling snow and ominous lighting. Both tables reel players in with familiar lines and scenes that heighten the sense of authenticity.

In terms of mechanics, the gameplay remains much alike to Pinball FX, yet distinguished by indulgent horror flavors. The interface has seen considerable improvements, offering faster loading times and embracing the horror theme to its full potential. Each table presents a mini campaign, weaving in various gameplay modes with score challenges that reward players with cosmetic upgrades. These collectibles allow for personalization of one's "play corner," adding decorations and visual flair to the virtual room. Additionally, in-game currency unlocks further customization options ranging from unique lighting effects to distinct ball trails.

These aesthetics are more than mere eye candy; they serve as motivation for players to master each table, branching out from the typical leaderboard pursuits. Achievements are up for grabs, adding another layer of goals and rewards. On top of traditional gameplay modes carried over from Pinball FX, Pinball M introduces new challenges, like the Dread mode, where players race against the clock to meet specific score targets.

Pinball M manages to create a cohesive experience that not only pays homage to Pinball FX but also transcends it in terms of refinement and engagement. The contrast in quality and entertainment value is stark, and fans can only hope that Zen Studios will apply the insights gained from Pinball M to enhance their previous offerings. At this point, whether or not players are drawn to its macabre themes, Pinball M stands as the go-to virtual pinball experience, flipping its way onto PS5 with confidence and energy.

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