Top ten most played PlayStation games in the United States for September 2023 unveiled, with some interesting shifts and surprises.

PlayStation's Most Played Games in 2023 Revealed

The intriguing world of PlayStation gaming has come alive with the unveiling of the most played games in the PlayStation ecosystem for the month of September 2023. Ironically, Sony hasn’t maintained a dedicated list like Xbox and Steam. This means that PlayStation fans are often left speculating about the most popular games on PS5 and PS4. Despite this, a recent chart from Circana provides a fascinating peek into the gaming habits of PlayStation enthusiasts in the United States.

The chart, according to Analyst Mat Piscatella, was coordinated based on Circana's Player Engagement Tracker, focusing on active monthly users. The tracker, however, does not reveal the specific methodology used to compile the data. Presumptions are that these numbers echo logins rather than total playtime, though no official confirmation clarifies this assumption.

On the top of this intriguing 'most played' list, to no one's surprise, sits Fortnite, illustrating this game's tenacious grip on the gaming world. Following closely are Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Grand Theft Auto 5, solidly fortifying their positions in the PlayStation gamer's go-to list.

One notable twist on September’s top ten list is the dramatic rise of Saints Row. This game climbed from its previous ranking of 93rd most played game in August, skyrocketing to the fourth slot in September, following its PS Plus release. This embarked rise of Saints Row reflects the significant impact that subscription services can wield on a game's popularity.

While that constitutes the top performers, two NBA 2K games found themselves holding their own a bit further down the leaderboard. Interestingly enough, a conspicuous absence on this chart was Genshin Impact. Speculation abounds its popularity still keeps it close to the top ten, despite not officially making the list.

One final prediction voiced for the upcoming chart: the likelihood of Roblox making an entrance into the top ten of the October chart. The overall chart provides an engaging summary of the PlayStation gaming landscape and it's hoped that Sony will become more transparent with the release of data related to the most played games, in the future.

This move would enhance the depth of gaming coverage and discussions within the PlayStation community, adding more layers to the discourse while satisfying the curiosity of gaming enthusiasts. One thing's for sure, the world of PlayStation gaming continues to be dynamic and surprising. As gamers look forward to the October 2023 list release, it's clear that the gaming landscape is ever-changing and full of exciting twists and turns.

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