According to insider sources, game developer Bungie has delayed the release of its new live-service title Marathon till 2025, along with the postponement of Destiny 2 DLC The Final Shape's launch.

DC Marathons and Destiny 2 Updates for PS5 Delayed

Recent reports have surfaced suggesting that Bungie, a game developer owned by Sony, has delayed the release of its PlayStation 5 (PS5) and PC live-service title Marathon, alongside the latest Destiny 2 expansion pack. Bloomberg first reported these changes, citing inside sources who divulged that the launch date for Marathon has been deferred to 2025, and the Destiny 2 downloadable content ("DLC") The Final Shape has been rescheduled for a June 2024 release, instead of its initial February release.

While these alleged changes have not been officially confirmed or announced by either Sony or Bungie, inside sources affirming these claims have said that the delay was recently shared with the company staff. The postponement comes as a peculiar development considering the hype attached to these games, especially Marathon, which was pushing the boundaries for Sony in the live-service gaming market.

Not just Marathon, Sony's push in live-service includes interesting titles like Fairgame$ from Haven Studio and Concord from Firewalk Studios. The live-service market, a comprehensive online gaming experience that continues to evolve, has been one of the key focus areas in Sony's portfolio. Amid the news of the Marathon delay, the announcement for the next Destiny DLC is garnering attention with the game already up for pre-order on the PlayStation Store.

This unexpected development has sparked conversations among the gaming community, with many speculating that Bungie might formally announce the delay in the coming days. Marathon, described as a "sci-fi player vs player extraction shooter" designed for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, has been on the radar of many gamers. It is touted as a theme-rich game featuring a series of dynamic, evolving zones made for players who wish to engage in a journey curated by their playstyle. The game also promises to offer a cross-play and cross-save facility but without a single-player campaign.

Brian Ekberg, the editorial lead for the game, had earlier stated, "We’re building a world full of persistent, evolving zones, where players create their own journey with every run they take." He elaborated on a situational story featuring players in "an unforgettable firefight against another crew vying for the same loot, or a last-second extraction while beset on all sides."

However, with the news of the delay, uncertainties surround the game's development. How players will react to the news and how this will affect the live-service market's dynamic, especially for Sony, remains to be seen. There is currently no additional information available about the delayed launch of Marathon and Destiny 2's next expansion, but more updates are expected to be shared by the companies in the coming days.

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