PlayStation Store offers enticing discounts on over 500 PS5, PS4 video games as part of their Halloween-themed promotion, running till November 1, 2023.

Massive PlayStation Store Halloween Sale Now Live

In the spirit of Halloween, the PlayStation store has launched a massive sale, boasting price cuts on over 500 PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 games. The much-anticipated promotion went live recently and will remain active until 1st November 2023.

Both PS5 and PS4 games, ranging from a variety of genres, including horror, are part of this enticing sale. From iconic classics to latest releases, the PlayStation Store is leaving no stone unturned in offering a wide range of games at discounted prices for avid gamers.

One of the standout deals in this sale is the deluxe edition of the wildly popular game 'Resident Evil 4,' now available for £40.29 or $48.99. Another heavy hitter taking the spotlight is 'Diablo 4' which is currently marked down to £52.49 or $52.49.

As far as indie games go, 'Oxenfree II: Lost Signals' is currently attracting bargain hunters with its £14.24 or $14.99 sale price. Yet another narrative-driven game joining the sale equation is 'Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective,' which lays an enticing offer of £16.49 or $19.79.

Psychological horror fans can now get their hands on the chilling 'Layers of Fear' game for £18.74 or $22.49. The popular horror survival game, 'Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach' also drops its price, available for £24.74 or $29.99. Gaming enthusiasts of action RPG 'Monster Hunter Rise' can now acquire the game for the discounted price of £16.49 or $19.99.

But the sale doesn't merely stop at full games. A slew of DLCs from various games is also partaking in the price cut. They include 'Dead by Daylight', 'The Callisto Protocol', and 'DayZ,' adding even more spice to the mix. Players can now extend their gaming experiences with these additional content packs at discounted rates.

To make the most out of this PlayStation Store's Halloween sale, UK and US users can directly check the full list of the sale by clicking on a dedicated link. The list showcases all the included games and DLCs of this promotion, revealing thrilling deals that wouldn't want to be missed.

With the store slashing prices in such a grand Halloween sale, there's never been a better time for gamers to indulge and expand their gaming repertoire or even for the uninitiated to dive into the immersive world of gaming.

Despite the sale's Halloween theme, it presents a great opportunity for game fans beyond the horror genre to catch their favourite titles at a bargain price. Whether you plan on spending a quiet evening escaping reality with a compelling RPG, or getting your adrenaline pumping with a thrilling action or horror game, the PlayStation Store’s Halloween sale has got you covered. Whether you snatch up something from this sale or not, remember to let us know your picks down in the comments!

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