Sony is offering a limited time discount on their official PlayStation store, allowing PS Plus subscribers to save $30/£30 on purchases of two eligible PS5 products.

PS Plus Subscribers Offered Discount on PS5 Products

The official PlayStation store operated by Sony is currently running a limited-time discount promotion. PS Plus subscribers are facing a golden opportunity to save $30/£30 on their purchases, but the offer has a catch — they have to purchase two eligible PS5 products together. Consequently, this might result in substantial expenditure before the discount can be enjoyed.

This deal is particularly compelling for those who were already considering buying multiple PS5 products, from DualSense controllers to PS5 consoles and accessories. The bundle, termed as the "Bundle & Save" promotion, boasts a variety of items that a prospective buyer can choose from, detailed on PlayStation Direct.

For those loyal PlayStation fans who have not yet subscribed to the PS Plus, this deal provides an opportunity but at a lesser extent. Non-subscribers are also eligible for a discount — but only $15/£15 off the regular price, making it considerably less attractive than the full discount.

An important note for anyone contemplating the purchase of a current PS5 console is that new, smaller models of the PS5 console are set for a November release. Therefore, if the buyer is not inclined towards the bulkier original PS5, waiting for the upcoming more compact model might be worth considering.

Nevertheless, for those intent on taking advantage of the current "Bundle & Save" promotion, there is a limited window to act. This special promotion is scheduled to end on the 27th of October. Consequently, interested parties have just over a week left to make their decision.

Whether or not to exploit this offer should be pondered on considerably. PlayStation Direct’s full list of items can be explored for all eligible products before pulling the trigger on any potential purchase. For the PS Plus subscribers, the sale could realize significant savings, providing they were already planning a substantial purchase, and don't mind their PS5 being on the larger side. Remember, a smaller model is just around the corner.

This offer from Sony demonstrates an attempt to encourage profitability from its official store, while simultaneously rewarding loyal PS Plus subscribers with a tempting discount. As the November release of the slimmed-down PS5 models approaches, potential customers are posed with a compelling choice: take advantage of this substantial discount on original, bulkier models, or wait for the sleek, compact future release. The clock is ticking, and the decision ultimately rests in the hands of each potential buyer based on their individual needs and preferences.

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