Games developers Rollic and Zynga announce massive update for the popular mobile game Power Slap, introducing a new Player versus Player mode to elevate gaming experience.

Power Slap Launches Exciting PvP Mode in Latest Update

Renowned game developers Rollic and Zynga have rolled out a huge update for their wildly popular mobile game, Power Slap. The game, known for its turn-based fighting style, has seen a remarkable success rate with over 31 million matches played and an impressive figure of one billion people virtually slapped. The game is ramping up the excitement with a new Player versus Player (PvP) mode which promises the next-level gaming experience.

Power Slap is ready to make a larger impact with this fresh PvP mode that provides two engaging options, Match-Making PvP and Slap with Friends. The former, Match-Making PvP, allows for global interactions as players will be matched with others anywhere in the world based on a ranking system. Each victory pushes the player up the ranks within the league of their own team. The leaderboards can be monitored both locally and globally in real time.

As players advance in their performance and score, they have the opportunity to leverage the iconic Power Slap heroes such as Light Heavyweight Champion Wolverine portrayed by Ron Bata, the former Light Heavyweight champion Ayjay “Static” Hintz, the powerhouse Super Heavyweight Da Crazy Hawaiian enacted by Koa Viernes, and the game's founder Dana White, all serving as personal coaches. They bring extra income, increased slap power, and a whole lot of moral support to the game.

The second PvP mode—Slap with Friends—is marginally more casual and allows players to enjoy the game with their buddies regardless of what league they are in. Personal matches mean players can create custom matches inviting friends to join for a fun slap fest.

Another exciting feature of this update is its substantial improvement in customization. Players can now modify various aspects of the character—from eyebrows and eyes to hair and face shape—even adding body tattoos. This upgrade gives players the power to create an entirely personalized version of themselves in the game, enhancing the immersive experience.

Discussing the update, Burak Vardal, Rollic's CEO, expressed his excitement, saying Rollic is committed to present immersive experiences that captivate players globally, while fostering connections with established entities like Power Slap. He notes that these latest features place players in the heart of action, paving the way for deep customizations that augment Power Slap's innovative spirit. Vardal conveyed his anticipation as players get to share their enriched in-game adventures.

The game is free and can be downloaded now for an amplified gaming experience that blends fun, strategy, and personalization. Power Slap is more than just a game; it's a thrilling ride through the world of virtual fighters where every strike counts.

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