Pokémon Company plans to reintroduce the highly sought-after "Pikachu with Grey Felt Hat" promo card, previously sold at exorbitant prices, to address rampant scalping.

Pokémon Relaunches Scalped Van Gogh Pikachu Card

Continually seeking to satisfy their fans, Pokémon Company is set to reintroduce a highly coveted item that had come to be known as the Van Gogh Pikachu card. This card, distinguished by its representation of the iconic Pikachu adorned with a gray felt hat, had previously been ripe for exploitation by scalpers, leading to its restricted circulation.

In an attempt to broaden access for all fans, the Pokémon Company has decided to bring back this rare collector's item to the market. This move is in response to a chaotic scene that unfolded in late September, when a unique collaboration between Pokémon Company and Amsterdam's famed Van Gogh Museum resulted in the creation of this unusual collector's piece. Capitalizing on its rarity and unique design, scalpers rushed to purchase the cards, subsequently listing them for resale at inflated prices sometimes amounting to hundreds of dollars.

The collaboration graced fans with a range of merchandise inspired by the artistry of the renowned painter Vincent Van Gogh. Here, the world of Pokémon was amalgamated with the Dutch artist's signature style, resulting in exhibits and merchandise that captured the imaginations of Pokémon trainers globally. The merchandise sold out within a day of release, largely due to scalpers hoarding the stock to resell at a profit.

The Pokémon Company's announcement about the card's relaunch was made via their Twitter handle. As per the announcement, fans shopping at the Pokémon Centre would get another chance to obtain the “Pikachu with Grey Felt Hat” promo card, which will be included with Pokémon Trading Card Game orders while supplies last. To qualify, an order will need to amount to a minimum of $30, and the card will be limited to one per order.

The company hasn’t mentioned whether other items from the Van Gogh collection - plushies and postcards among them - would be making a comeback as well. Nonetheless, eager trainers can visit the Pokémon Center website to acquire the exclusive Van Gogh Pikachu card at more reasonable prices compared to the past listings on resale websites like eBay.

The decision to make the card available online and at a more affordable price has already begun to quell the untouched resale prices. Just two weeks after the card was initially released and some fans paid up to $300, the card is being sold on resale sites for as low as $20. However, other promotional items from the collaboration continue to command astronomical prices across the internet, highlighting the continuing problem of scalping.

For Pokémon enthusiasts looking for further updates about their favorite universe, the Detective Pikachu Returns review offers an in-depth look at another facet of Pokémon’s massive appeal. As the Pokémon Company progresses in its endeavors towards fair availability, fans worldwide can hold on to the hope of being able to acquire their favorite merchandise at reasonable prices.

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