The Mass Outbreak event in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet brings an influx of Ghost-Type Pokémon to Paldea and Kitakami regions till October 31, with a chance to win the Crafty Mark.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Ghost-Type Mass Outbreak

Pokémon fans playing the Scarlet and Violet editions are in for a treat. A Mass Outbreak event has now begun, bringing a Halloween twist to the experience. This occurrence kicked off recently and will run through to the end of October. Players can expect an increase in sightings of various Ghost-Type Pokémon in the regions of Paldea and Kitakami. Better yet, all these Pokémon have a chance of offering players the Crafty Mark.

Participants of the event can look forward to catching species like Phantump, Drifloon, Mimikyu, and Greavard. These ghost types are popping up more frequently throughout the game's base territories and additional content islands. Whether players want to add them to their team or store them for a later time, this mass outbreak provides plenty of opportunities. And with the increasing sightings of these types, players have an enhanced chance of catching them.

Nintendo of America confirmed the news of these spooky sightings via a Twitter post. They highlighted that these unique appearances would prevail in the regions of Kitakami and Paldea, starting from October 26 and ending on Halloween, October 31.

Players can take advantage of this mass outbreak across both the base game and its downloadable content (DLC). This accessibility enhances opportunities for those who aim to add these particular Pokémon to their collection. Even if hunting them isn't the priority, the Mass Outbreak event adds a refreshing new dynamic to the gaming experience.

Reaction to the event has been positive, with players welcoming the extra diversity in their games. A user named Fizza56, posted in the comments, expressing her interest in the Outbreak events - compared to other limited-time events. Outbreak hunting, she explained, is a popular method of shiny-hunting in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. The event increases the odds of specific Pokémon appearing massively alongside a higher likelihood of earning a special mark, making it a favorite among players, including herself.

Looking to catch a shiny Phantump and Mimikyu, Fizza56 was among fans who couldn't wait to join the ghostly action. The blend of excitement, strategy, and fun brought by the event had many spectators eager to get started.

Ultimately, this latest Mass Outbreak event introduces yet another exciting dynamic to Pokémon Scarlet, Violet. It provides a chance to capture different Ghost-Type Pokémon and adds a thrilling, hauntingly fun feel just in time for Halloween. So, whether players are in the mood to build their team with some eccentric newcomers or chase the Crafty Mark, this event has it all.

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