Pokemon GO's Halloween 2023 Part I plans have been revealed: Featuring spooky fun, ghost-type Pokemon, costumes, and bonuses from October 19-26.

Pokemon GO Unveils Half of its Halloween 2023 Fun

As the air turns crisp and the night descends earlier, Niantic is preparing to make your October a memorable one with the Pokemon GO Halloween 2023 Part I celebration. This year's first half of the Halloween festivities will jingle the spooky bell from October 19th to 26th, dousing players in a stream of bone-chilling adventures, remixed Lavender Town music, festive in-game decorations, and a contagion of ghost-type Pokemon.

On top of the traditional Halloween offerings, players should keep an exhaustively sharp eye out for two new arrivals in Pokemon GO's spectral universe. Making their debut are Greavard and its spine-chilling evolution, Houndstone, the Ghost Dog Pokemon. Catching these apparitional newcomers won't be as spooky as you think, thanks to Timed Research. Centered around capturing Greavard, these quests will be available until October's curtain call, providing you with multiple chances to bag these ghost-types. Further, a secondary Timed Research extending encounters with Spiritomb, among other themed Pokemon, is set to tantalize trainers.

Not to overshadow these hunts, the Field Research also holds lucrative opportunities. Players can expect to encounter Misdreavus and Phantump themselves, opening up an array of eerie Pokemon to capture. And that's not all: the Halloween special Timed Research can be bought for $5.00, or an equivalent amount in your local currency. Snag this deal in time and you'll gain tasks that can reward you with encounters featuring the spectral Phantump and the enigmatic Alolan Meowth, as well as an exclusive Halloween-themed avatar pose.

The festivities extend to the in-game shop which is wrapped in Halloween-themed items. On the shelves, you'll discover a veritable wardrobe of spectral clothing, including a Yamask Mask, Cofagrigus Costume, Cofagrigus Head, Phantump Head, and a Greavard Wig. Further, you can adorn your PokeStops with Halloween stickers and if you are an Amazon Prime Gaming subscriber, there'll be a different Timed Research available, geared towards more valuable rewards.

Candy rewards will also shower down on trainers during this chilling celebration. From Nice Throws, Great Throws to Excellent Throws, each successful catch will have a Candy and Candy XL sweetening the deal. To add more sweetness, hatching eggs will also yield 2x Candy and more Candy XL.

So, get ready to embark on a whimsically eerie journey with your choice of Pokemon, as you go trick-or-treating in the digital world. Don't forget, this is only the first half of the Halloween celebration, and the second half is set to commence in the final week of October. Pokemon GO is ready to make your Halloween 2023 hauntingly fun, so go ahead and download the free game today, if you haven't already. Embark on your Halloween Pokemon journey with Pokemon GO now!

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