October 2023 treasury for PlayStation Plus members delivers thrills, horrific delights and yes, some intense farmyard drama!

Spooktober Joins Play Station Plus with The Callisto Protocol

Cackle with ghoulish glee and brace yourself for a Spooktober brimful of gaming treats! PlayStation's reveal of their October 2023 free games lineup is a goodie bag full of spooky narratives and chilling adventures for PlayStation Plus members. And yes, because we know you were all clamoring for it, Farming Simulator 22 is here too!

The delightfully terrifying trio - The Callisto Protocol (the undead reincarnation of Dead Space), the uncanny Weird West, and the infamous Farming Simulator 22, can be added to your game libraries from the 3rd of October through to the 6th of November. That's over a month to get your hands on these heart-stopping spooktacular games!

Buckle up for the Callisto Protocol, a third-person survival horror that's set to send a chill down your spine. In their role as Jacob Lee, players will try to escape the survivalist nightmare that is Black Iron Prison, situated on Jupiter's moon, Callisto. Add to this, the horrifying ordeal that the prison's inmates are transforming into savage monsters. Hone your combat skills, and be prepared to uncover grim secrets buried within the surface of Callisto - or be swallowed by the engulfing chaos.

Veering off into the realms of dark fantasy, Weird West brings a blend of the law-ridden Wild West – but with a surreal twist. Swap your sheriff badges for a monstrous creature's hide in this gnarly isometric action RPG. Navigate through a 'live' sandbox world that constantly reacts to your decisions, consequences, and brutal choices. In this quirky (and gnarly) gaming landscape, death isn't just an option – it's a roommate.

Last but certainly not least in our trio of thrillers comes the mother of all modern dread- Farming Simulator 22. Embrace your inner farmer and navigate American and European landscapes to construct your very own agricultural empire. More than just sunny strolls through wheat fields, this game features over 400 pieces of machinery and tools from top agricultural brands. Whether you're passionate about corn or have a secret love for potato harvesting, this simulator will hit you right in your virtual green thumbs.

Before you hop on the tractor or strap on your space helmet, remember, there's still time to scoop up this month's offerings, with Saints Row, Black Desert: Traveler Edition, and Generation Zero all ready for the picking.

So, members, tell us – are you up for battling space mutants, surviving surreal Wild West showdowns, or facing the insane horror of farming this October?

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