The free-to-play, interstellar strategy game, Planet S, invades Steam, giving players a deep, multidimensional gaming experience akin to Anno, set in cosmic terrains.

Free Space RTS Game, Planet S, Sweeps Steam Players Off Their Feet

The gaming world is filled with memorable moments. And when exemplary video games come without a price tag, it heightens the excitement. This is the case for Planet S, a free-to-play, high-quality video game that has captured the attention of gaming enthusiasts.

Planet S provides players with an expansive solar system landscape, comprising 14 unique, procedurally-generated planets. Each of these planets stands out in its terrain and resource plethora. As a player, you're a spaceship captain, scouting for a promising planet to land on, and make your mark on its landscape with your basic resources. The aim is to settle in, attract inhabitants, and bolster your economic strength to make your empire thrive.

The game is a strategic venture into interplanetary colonization. As the game advances, you'll find one planet insufficient to cater to your expanding kingdom. Therefore, after establishing your spaceport, you'll need to move to another planet and harness its resources to amplify your economy. This sequence aids in population growth and enables the player to level up, similar to the popular strategy game series, Anno.

The route to victory in Planet S stiforks into two divergent paths, dictated by your choice of planetary technology. Investing in scientific tech aims to conquer the universe peacefully through scientific progression, whereas allocating resources to military tech creates the possibility of space wars with rival players. In the latter case, your aim is to dominate as many galaxies as possible.

As is customary, each research type introduces unique building options and bonuses to your civilization through its technology tree. Trading with fellow space-faring civilizations is also a part of the game, with provisions for up to four players in an online multiplayer PvP format.

Planet S has recently emerged from a year-long early access phase. The final version might seem a bit skeletal, with limited tutorials and options for CPU opponents. Nevertheless, the developers, TeamJA, have plans to roll out patches and other improvements soon. Additionally, they plan to extend support for game mods next spring.

Despite its negligible shortcomings, Planet S has garnered an outpouring of "Very Positive" reviews on Steam. Gamers laud its intricate yet accessible strategy and engaging gameplay, especially in the multiplayer format. The customizability of the maps and overall solid gameplay offering have also been appreciated. The cherry on top? The game is completely free! Log on to Steam and enjoy this exciting space exploration game.

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