Gaming legend, Josh Sawyer, expresses interest to create Pillars of Eternity 3. However, he underlines that adequate finances, paralleling those of Baldur's Gate 3, are pivotal.

Josh Sawyer: A Desired Eternity 3 Needs Significant Funding

Josh Sawyer, a well-known director and persona within the role-playing game (RPG) terrain, recently expressed his willingness to develop the third installment of 'Pillars of Eternity', one of the celebrated RPGs in the gaming community. However, Sawyer's return to Eora (the world where Pillars of Eternity is set) is firmly attached to a condition – significant funding similar to the one received by Baldur's Gate 3.

In a recent interaction with Touch Arcade, honoring the first anniversary of Pentiment, Sawyer was asked which of the RPGs - Fallout New Vegas 2, Pillers of Eternity 3, or Pentiment 2 - he would prefer to revisit, given he had unlimited time and resources. Breaking assumptions, Sawyer selected Pillars of Eternity 3, treating it as a spiritual successor to the Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale series.

If presented with an inexhaustible budget, he is keen to try Pillars 3, in contrast to the limited budget of Deadfire. Recalling the resources he had for Deadfire production and the accounts he heard about the budgeting process of Baldur's Gate 3, he exclaimed his readiness to work on Pillars 3 if provided a similar scale of financial support.

Building a high production value, party-centric fantasy RPG interests Sawyer. As he has had positive experiences with previous Pillars installments and Deadfire, he believes a non-crowdfunded, turn-based game is the way forward.

Sawyer credits the praised Deadfire turn-based system to his colleagues, Nick Carver and Brian MacIntosh. The charm of creating a game tailored to turn-based decision-making, with fewer but more tactical encounters, distinctly appeals to him. Additionally, lending it stellar cinematics would elevate the player experience.

While assessing the player's inclination towards real-time action with pause versus turn-based combat, Sawyer acknowledges the audience's wants but backs his preference for the turn-based system. This structure supports intricate combat design more efficiently. He reveals that a turn-based format helps players comprehend complex game elements, such as the affliction and inspiration system, more clearly.

Sawyer’s hint at a potential Pillers of Eternity 3 isn't a one-off. Recently, he teased a fan saying he is waiting for an Xbox call with a $120M budget to make Pillars 3 a reality, jokingly adding that the call is expected momentarily. Now, as the gaming world anticipates the step Xbox will take next, the ball is clearly in their court.

Among the widely lauded RPG adventures, Pillars of Eternity has garnered a colossal player base since its introduction. With the idea of a third installment surfacing, the excitement pulsates among the fans. If Xbox steps up to fund Pillars 3 adequately, it could script a chapter of success in RPG history. Therefore, players, developers, and investors alike are intently watching this space, eyes glued to Xbox's next move.

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