Reverse: 1999, a strategic RPG, adds a new character, Pickles the border collie, in its latest game update. Players can enjoy new events and rewards.

Pickles the Collie Joins Reverse: 1999 Game Update

The ever-evolving landscape of mobile and PC gaming continues to surprise and entertain players with a continuous stream of updates and fresh content. One such example is Bluepoch Games' decision to introduce a lovable new character to its 20th century-themed time-travel strategic RPG, Reverse: 1999. With the game's 1.1 version update already delighting gamers, exciting, the second phase of enhancements brings a unique addition that will appeal to animal lovers and strategy enthusiasts alike. This update revolves around "The Theft of the Rimet Cup" and features a charming protagonist: Pickles the border collie.

Anyone who adores the companionship and quirky characteristics of dogs, particularly the intelligent and energetic border collie breed, will find an instant connection with Pickles. What makes Pickles stand out in the game is not only his adorableness or the fact that he is indeed a good boy, but also his uncharacteristic traits for a canine. This six-star character is portrayed with a bent for science and philosophy, unusual for his species. Gamers will find Pickles lost in deep thought, contemplating formulas and considering the destiny of distant worlds, showcasing a narrative depth that adds an unexpected twist to the RPG experience.

Summoning Pickles is part of the new rate-up banner named Thus Spoke The Border Collie, where players have the opportunity to make Pickles a part of their strategic gameplay. His appearance alongside the UTTU Flash Gathering event enriches the game's lore and creates a whimsical ambiance that lightens the strategic and sometimes intense nature of RPGs.

The new content doesn't end with Pickles. Gamers also have a chance to acquire new 5-star characters, including the flower child Diggers and Babyblue, through Pickles’ banner. These characters are also obtainable through the Great Thief Melania event introduced in the game's first phase of the 1.1 update. It's a moment for players to diversify their gaming strategies and experiment with new character synergies within the game's sweeping narrative.

Additional events are tailored to give depth to the characters' backgrounds. "The Puppu & The Hippie", and "Pickles’ Free Translation", delve into the extraordinary life of Pickles, promising to provide entertainment and lore to players who enjoy immersive storytelling.

Another significant introduction in the update is the UTTU Flash Gathering: Trophy of the Past Glory, a new time-limited seasonal challenge. This gameplay mode challenges players to gather FAME Cards, essential collectibles required to complete specified reading challenges. The rewards for participation and success include in-game items like the Carnival on the Pitch garment and the disco ball sidekick APPLe.

Reverse: 1999 also takes care of its players by offering freebies, and this update is no exception. Codes are provided for players to redeem in-game perks. Additionally, login rewards are still a significant offering, with the developers giving away Clear Drop x600, the limited-time Picrasma Candy x5, and other growth materials. These incentives are for players who simply log into the game over a five-day period, ensuring that both new and old gamers can benefit and progress their gameplay.

For those looking to enhance their experience further, there are gift packs available for purchase. These packs include different in-game resources, such as Unilogs, Thoughts in Entirety, Crystal Caskets, and Dust, which can assist players in expanding their game strategies and character development.

The addition of Pickles and the latest benefits introduced in Reverse: 1999 serves as a reminder of the gaming industry's creativity in keeping the content fresh and engaging for players. With free and accessible downloads available for PC and mobile platforms, Reverse: 1999 entrusts players with a multifaceted gaming adventure, mingling strategy RPG elements with unexpected but delightful characters like Pickles the border collie.

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